Ohio State football, Crew and more: Letters to the sports editor

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September 3, 2022;  Columbus, Ohio, United States;  Ohio State Buckeyes fans applaud a Notre Dame Fighting Irish fan during the first quarter of the NCAA football game at Ohio Stadium.  Mandatory Credit: Adam Cairns-USA TODAY Sports

About Ohio State football

to the editor: I am an alumnus and devoted fan with six season tickets, including four club seats since they were built. I’m pretty much alone in the whole section yelling like crazy when the Buckeyes are on the defensive. I literally stand up and beg others to make noise. I look into their eyes as they sit on their hands as if the team has to audition for support. I find this so annoying because elite football teams have fans who never sit down and understand the key advantage they represent by making noise when opponents are on offense. It embarrasses me, and it should embarrass all the fans in the club seats who look at me like I have two heads as I ask for their share in the noise of the crowd. If you don’t see the role you play in this regard, stay home. Give your seats to a true fan. You are not watching a tennis match, but you may not have even realized that.

Russ Klein, Colon

to russ: I admire your passion and support for your team. However, some people like to go to a game and really want their team to win even though they’re not screaming their heads off.

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