Odd Taxi: In the Woods Review: A Fascinating Review

Odd Taxi: Into the Woods is a film adaptation of last year’s hit anime series odd cab, which I admit I never got to see. It is the gripping story of a walrus taxi driver who is drawn into a far-reaching conspiracy involving pop idols, the Yakuza, dirty cops, and gacha games. I really didn’t know what would happen from one moment to the next, although that might be because I didn’t watch the show.

how much do you enjoy Odd Taxi: Into the Woods it will probably change depending on if you have seen the anime series odd cab. Since this is mostly some kind of summary (or reconstruction, as the synopsis says), the story is simply that of the series from the perspective of various witnesses with a bit of an epilogue. Understandably, this would make the movie less worth watching if you’ve seen the show recently, as you’ve experienced all of the main plot beats except for the epilogue. If you haven’t seen the show, In the woods it’s pretty exciting.

I was intrigued throughout the story, although there was an occasional part that felt confusing at first, probably due to the 13-episode story being turned into a two-hour movie. It’s still cohesive enough, it just takes time and some thought to follow through. What starts out as a murder mystery turns into a wild and far-reaching ride filled with double-crosses, conspiracies and unexpected twists. Through this angle, he examines various social issues, from the influence of social media to how one’s life can spiral out of control. These themes never feel shod or half-hearted; Quite, Odd Taxi: Into the Woods take an honest and careful look at what life might be like for different people (or animals).

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Despite all the danger and opportune themes, In the woods he has a lot of heart. Even the goofier characters have a layer of realism, while the main protagonist, Odokawa, feels like a nice complex guy who’s just doing his best and doing the right thing. the harsh world of odd cab he slowly grinds down his characters, but Odokawa remains the honest core of the series, one who enriches the people around him. As dark as the film can get, he never loses this heart, and the poignant epilogue proves it even more.

All of the characters are distinct and interesting, and their animal designs are charming and appropriate to each character’s personality. The reasoning behind these designs is revealed towards the end, greatly changing your perspective on the story. It might be worth rewatching considering the ending, as there are some good hints throughout the story that point towards the true nature of the narrative. That may not be enough to make a new watch appealing if you already know the history, but it certainly helps.

Odd Taxi: Into the Woods It may be less worth it if you’ve watched the anime series recently, but if you need to refresh or haven’t seen the show, this is a great way to get a condensed version of the story. The movie is now streaming on Crunchyroll and I recommend you check it out if you haven’t seen it. odd cab. It’s a different story than most anime, so while it doesn’t differ much from the series, it’s a proper and quicker way to experience this enjoyable oddity of a story.

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SCORE: 8/10

As ComingSoon’s review policy explains, a score of 8 equals “Excellent.” While there are some minor issues, this score means that the art is successful in its goal and leaves a memorable impact.

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