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It is an interesting process to watch.

The huge claw-saw crane moves into place. The machinery grabs a tree branch many feet in the air and then cuts it off.

The human-directed crane then lowers the branch to the ground.

“We specialize in removing large, difficult trees with our claw saw crane,” said Brandon Bogus, owner and president of A-Plus Tree Service, Inc.

One of the largest trees removed had a trunk 6 feet in diameter.

Some of the tallest trees have been aspens 120 feet tall.

For over 30 years, the local family business has served customers by trimming and removing trees and brush.

The business started with Bogus’s father, Mark.

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Originally from Ashland, Mark Bogus worked for Bloom Tree Service, an OPPD subcontractor, trimming trees around power lines for eight years.

After a layoff from that company, he went to work for Wright Tree Service in Colorado for six months.

He returned to Nebraska in 1988, lived in Fremont with a sister, and placed an ad for tree trimming services in the newspaper.

Bogus also went back to work for Bloom Tree Service in Omaha.

“I worked there almost two more years and I was trimming trees in Fremont,” he said.

Faced with another layoff, Bogus told his wife, Cindy, that he would try to make it as a tree trimmer on his own. She encouraged him to do so.

Therefore, he started his business around 1990-91.

Brandon took over the company in 2020 as owner and president. Brandon’s wife, Ania, works in the business along with her parents.

The company is equipped to fell huge trees.

Using the crane, workers dismantle a tree and then feed the branches into a wood chipper. The wood is cut into chips, which the company gives away. For example, a Boy Scout camp uses trail tiles.

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As for the tree stump, they work to cut it as close to the ground as possible, usually about 3 inches off the ground. They contract the grinding of stumps.

The business serves people within a radius of approximately 50 miles.

“Most people call and we go to see the job and give them a price,” said Mark Bogus.

Bogus is not put off by huge trees.

“I’ve been doing it for so long that it’s more of a challenge,” said Mark Bogus. “I love what I do. That’s why I keep working for my son.”

Bogus highlights his excellent work.

“We do quality work no matter what,” said Mark Bogus. “We like to do the work as we would like to be done ourselves. We are very particular. We also always do a good cleaning.”

He pointed out that they are safe in the way they fell trees.

The workers have communication devices on their helmets so they can talk to each other.

The claw saw crane is the safest way to remove a tree, because it can be removed without a worker on the tree.

Mark Bogus highlighted the reliability of the company.

“We are reliable,” he said. “I’ve been around for 30 years and if there’s a storm in the city, we try to help people, right away, as soon as we can. They can depend on us to show up.”

People may wonder when it’s time to cut down a tree.

“There’s going to be some kind of damage to the tree, whether it’s lost a bunch of big branches in a storm or the tree is dying and rotting and needs to be removed,” he said.

Sometimes tree roots can be pushing down on the foundation of a house.

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“If the tree is too close to the house and the foundation starts to crack, that’s probably why,” he said.

People can also fell a tree, because its roots keep going into your sewer system.

Bogus said the company tries not to fell a tree that is healthy.

“We are tree lovers, not just tree cutters,” Bogus said.

In addition to felling trees, they also specialize in pruning.

“We want to take care of a tree for life,” said Brandon Bogus. “Deletion is always the last resort. It’s not something we suggest unless we see that a tree is a significant hazard to people.”

A-Plus Trees has two certified arborists and another worker attends arboriculture school, Brandon said.

Customer service is important.

Bogus said they work to establish an ongoing relationship with customers.

“With us, you get a complete tree care experience,” he said. “It is not just a transactional issue, between the company and the client. There is more than that. You get a connection between people.”

The company has a good track record.

“Our reputation and reviews online and the work we do speak for themselves,” he said. “People know that if they hire us, we’re going to do what we say we’re going to do and if we make a mistake, we fix it. We do it well.”

The company also makes sure that it stays up to date.

“We stay up to date on the latest techniques, safety protocols, equipment and technology,” said Brandon Bogus. “We network with arborists and companies, not only here, but throughout the country.”

Looking to the future, Bogus plans to continue providing good tree services to customers.

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