Nigeria: Nollywood Actor Hanks Anuku Breaks Silence Over Viral Video

Nollywood gangster actor Hanks Anuku has broken his silence following a video that went viral on social media earlier in the week, raising concerns about the actor’s mental state.

In the viral video, Hanks was caught wandering the streets in tattered clothing, prompting reactions from some of his fans and colleagues.

Actress Shan George, however, dismissed the video, saying that “Anuku is not crazy” as widely feared, stressing that she was on a film set.

Debunking the claim in a short video, which he shared on his Instagram page, @ha1962anukuha, yesterday, the gangster actor said the viral video was masked from a film set. Anuku said that he was on a film set, while accusing the people circulating the video of trying to destroy his image.

His words: “I just want you to know that today is November 18, 2022 and I’m speaking live from my cabal. This is not an old video, it’s fresh from the sky above to the earth below. Find Jesus and go.” only me.

“My love for Nigeria is real and from the highest God. But those who hate me can come out and come clean and show me who they are. Stop writing rubbish about me.”

“If your family has no respect for Nigeria, then you better turn to Jesus Christ for deliverance. Just leave me alone please.”

“Tell all these motherfuckers writing crap about me to stop writing about me and leave me alone. If they want to act in the movie, they can come to me. I’ve been on set and anyone using those photos and videos Since you are trying to destroy my image, may the Holy Spirit forgive you”.