NFL Ongoing Diversity Training and Scouting Scholarships

New York — The National Football League (NFL) successfully completed this year’s Bill Walsh and Nunn-Wooten Scouting Diversity Coaching Fellowships to continue its efforts to strengthen the diverse talent of the NFL. league. The Bill Walsh Diversity Grant had 171 fellows go through the initiative this year, while the Nunn-Wooten Exploration Grant had 28 fellows.

Named for the late Pro Football Hall of Fame head coach, the annual Bill Walsh Diversity Coaches Scholarship provides experience to outstanding coaches from diverse backgrounds. Coach Walsh first introduced this concept to the league in 1987 when he brought a group of minority coaches to the San Francisco 49ers’ training camp. Currently, the scholarship is designed as a vocational tool to increase the number of full-time minority NFL coaches within the League, while also exposing fellows to the methods and philosophies of the NFL coaching staff. .

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