New tourist information point for the Garstang Library – Wyre Council

Wyre Council and Lancashire County Council are working together to transform the way customers access information about the local area with plans to move tourist information to Garstang Library.

Currently housed in the Visit Garstang Center in Cherestanc Square, which the council leases from Booths, a new tourist information point has been proposed for the library. This will allow for longer opening hours and increase the number of visitors to the library, as well as generating efficiency savings for Wyre Council and a new source of revenue for the library.

A report published this week was approved for Wyre Council to give notice of the current Visit Garstang Center lease and to enter into a lease with Lancashire County Council to create a tourist information point within the library. The space will provide a variety of information about Wyre, what’s there and where to visit, which people can browse the seating area or take with them. Customers will also be able to navigate through the Discover Wyre website on an easy-to-use touchscreen kiosk and learn more about Wyre’s cities, towns, events and attractions.

The relocation of the service to the Garstang Library will allow the continuation of the council’s provision of tourist information in the area, while bringing together a range of public services in one place.

In addition, shared desk space and meeting facilities will be maintained in the town for use by council staff, helping to build relationships with Lancashire County Council and other partners who already use the library. This will benefit both councils and improve the library’s sustainability by increasing its offering to the public, as well as a modest financial contribution under the new lease.

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The Garstang Library is open six days a week, including Thursday nights, more than the current Visit Garstang Centre, making it more accessible during longer and more varied opening hours.

Councilor Lynne Bowen, Portfolio Holder for Leisure, Health and Community Engagement at Wyre Council, said: “We are fully committed to encouraging more people to visit Wyre. We recently invested in a new Discover Wyre website to launch this month and hired a marketing officer dedicated to promoting Wyre as a place and all the brilliant things to do here. We are installing digital screens in our city centers to advertise what is happening in the area and we look forward to working with local tourism businesses to promote all that our great municipality has to offer.

“We are pleased to join other local services, such as the Child and Family Welfare Service at the Library, to create a community center in Garstang and improve the library’s sustainability for years to come.”

Cllr Peter Buckley, Lancashire County Council Community and Cultural Services Cabinet Member, said: “Relocating tourist information provision to Garstang Library will bring a number of benefits to Wyre residents and those visiting the area.

“These proposals will make the tourist information point more accessible and attract more people to the Garstang Library, enhancing what is already an excellent offer.

“The proposals are also financially responsible, generating vital savings for both councils at a time when every penny counts.”

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