New technology makes flights safer in Aberdeen

ABERDEEN, SD (KELO) — Baggage checks are getting easier at many smaller KELOLAND airports.

Last month, a new computerized tomography for baggage screening was installed at the airport. The system uses technology similar to a CT scan and gives TSA officers a look at what’s inside a suitcase without having to manually check each piece of luggage.

These baggage checks used to be a mandatory part of checking in for your flight at Aberdeen Regional Airport. Now, thanks to new technology, all TSA officers have to do is run luggage through a scanner.

“It’s just much more efficient and better technology than doing everything by hand and again from a customer service perspective, it’s perfect, you know, they drop their bag off at the counter, TSA puts it through the machine and within minutes it’s on its way. . to the plane,” said Mark Heisey, Director of Federal Security for South Dakota.

Passenger Cindy Frost is pleased with the faster check-in.

“It just makes registration easier and not as long. And I think if it goes faster, you don’t have to worry about your luggage missing the plane, getting to the place when you get there, so hopefully there won’t be as much lost luggage,” Frost said.

Not only is it faster, but it ensures that prohibited items do not make it onto the plane.

“The better the TSA can detect dangerous items in a suitcase, the safer the passenger will be. This technology enhances that and enables it here,” said Heisey.

“It makes me feel very safe because I mean there are small items that can get through and nobody ignores them and they can be easily hidden even in luggage that gets sorted,” Frost said.

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Even though the airport only receives around 50 to 60 bags per day, it’s still crucial to make sure everything is thoroughly checked.

“Because it’s a commercial service airport, it’s important to have this so that problems don’t carry over to the mainline,” said Rich Krokel, Director of Transport for the City of Aberdeen.

Making getting out of Aberdeen easier and safer.

“Hopefully, it will just give the traveling public that extra sense of security and privacy,” Krokel said.

They are now at every airport in South Dakota, including Pierre, Watertown, Rapid City, and Sioux Falls. They expected to install them a couple of years ago, but the pandemic postponed them.

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