New South Asheville coffee shop serving espresso shots and vintage vibes

On October 2, Retro Coffee opened at 2619 Sweeten Creek Road.

ASHEVILLE: A new coffee shop is bringing vintage vibes to South Asheville.

Retro Coffee opened earlier this week at 2619 Sweeten Creek Road, just north of Givens Estates and off of Park Avenue.

Owner Clare Lecroy is planning a grand opening celebration this month with details to be announced. For now, she is settling into her role as a first-time entrepreneur and head chef.

Lecroy, who moved to Asheville from Mobile, Alabama, six years ago, has worked and managed other coffee shops. Even though he earned a bachelor’s degree in biology with an environmental concentration, he couldn’t stop calling the cafe.

“I just fell in love with being a barista and kept doing it,” he said.

Now, she has a store to call her own.

Clare Lecroy, owner of Retro Coffee at 2619 Sweeten Creek Road.

“The experience of being in a coffee shop… You have quality coffee, excellent baristas and a friendly environment. I think it makes the cup of coffee,” Lecroy said.

Traditional espresso drinks and “funky” syrup-based drinks are at the core of Retro Coffee’s regular menu. Offerings range from filter coffee and lattes to classic Americano and cortado.

Lecroy sources a sustainable specialty coffee roaster, Counter Culture Coffee. Milk alternatives and a variety of flavored syrups can be added to a cup.

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