New COSA Poll: Nearly All Americans Unite Against EV Push

A new Convention of States/Trafalgar poll shows Biden’s push to phase out gasoline-powered vehicles draws much negative criticism from most Americans.

According to the survey, only 1.4% of Americans believe that eliminating gasoline-powered cars and switching to electric vehicles is the best solution for long-term energy independence.

Among the 1,079 respondents, none of the Republicans believe that electric cars offer energy independence and only 3% of Democrats believe that this option is sustainable.

Nearly all Americans are against Biden’s plan to phase out gasoline-powered vehicles and switch to electric ones. Even with financial incentives, tax credits and other tempting deals promoted with electric cars, Americans just don’t seem to be giving in to the playing field.

“The continued efforts by Joe Biden and others in his administration to phase out, and in many cases even ban, gasoline-powered cars are absurd and completely out of touch with the practical reality in which most Americans live,” said Mark Meckler, president of the Convention. Of states

When it comes down to it, an electric car is powered by a storage battery, which ultimately gets its charge from an external source. The green agenda promotes these cars, but the issues remain clear when it comes to reliability and personal independence.

Instead, drivers must rely on having access to a charging station and must stop using their vehicle while it charges, a hurdle for those driving long distances.

“This poll shows once again that the American people overwhelmingly disagree with the crazy energy policies of the radical left and reaffirms that the common sense solution to our energy crisis is to increase our own oil and gas production. This administration has long since ceased to serve the needs of the everyday American, and exists only to further the New Green agenda of the far left’s fantasy land,” Meckler added.

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When it comes to how energy independence is achieved, 40% of likely voters believe the primary solution is to increase domestic oil and gas production.

About 80% of Republicans, the vast majority, believe that increasing domestic oil and gas production along with building additional nuclear power plants is the way forward.

Meanwhile, Democrats see investments in renewable energy like solar and wind as the most reliable option.

It takes energy independence to be an independent nation, and it’s clear that many Americans want our nation to stay that way.

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