Netflix’s Thai Cave Rescue Trailer Revisits An Unlikely Survival

Thai Cave Rescue

Thai Cave Rescue
Photo: Sasidis Sasisakulporn/Netflix

While there are certainly two sides to every story, how different things look from either side depends entirely on the situation. When it comes to the true stomach-churning story behind Netflix’s new limited series Thai Cave Rescue, those two sides are extremely literal. There’s the men’s soccer team and coach trapped in a flooded cave system after a routine exploration:At the other end of a complex series of tunnels through bedrock is the elite rescue team of divers dedicated to bringing them home.

The real-life flooding of the Tham Luang cave system occurred in 2018, less than a decade after a high-profile Chilean mine rescue similarly took the world by storm.. Twelve members of the Wild Boars men’s soccer team, all between the ages of 11 and 16, and their coach were trapped in the caves amid flooding and heavy rain. In the course of the next 17 daysan international rescue effort involving nearly 100 Thai and foreign divers (not to mention Navy SEALS) continued until every one of the thirteen missing was rescued from the cave.

Thai Cave Rescue: Limited Series | Official Trailer | Netflix

In the first trailer for the miniseries, directed by Thai filmmakers Kevin Tancharoen and Baz Poonpiriya, the potential to tell this story in an episodic, semi-biographical format seems enormous. Although Jimmy Chin’s 2019 documentary about the ordeal The rescue is both skillful and fascinating, the ability to a semi-biographical series that includes scenes of the team together adds to the emotional punch of the story.

However, fictionalizing the story of a group of real-life survivors has inherent problems with authenticity and can exploitative. for release, Thai Cave Rescue aims to avoid the trappings of ogle trauma prestige (a very scathing side look here at Ron Howard’s recent foray into history, thirteen lives) based on interviews and opinions of real boars to build their characters. Some scenes were even filmed in the children’s actual homes, using real props from their lives. So to avoid exploitation, the creators blurred the line between real children lives and that of their on-screen counterparts? Potentially unresolved issue here?

Any pre-release qualms aside, however, the trailer previews what appears to be a comprehensive and detailed chronicle of the rescue, the real heart of which lies in the international relations that made it successful. Despite the high-risk environment, those weeks in Tham Luang are now best remembered for the infinitely hopeful camaraderie of the team and the fervent dedication of the rescue team, one of whom lost his life while looking for the boys. If the series can Properly praising that heroic act, and the general heroism it took to get groups on both sides of the cave system out alive, it’s definitely worth a visit.

Thai Cave Rescue will be available to stream on Netflix starting September 22.

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