Netflix’s ‘Bling Empire New York’: Plot, Cast, Trailer and Release Date

If you have a Netflix account, chances are you’re aware of ostentatious empire. Now, the streaming giant has confirmed that the wealth-ridden reality TV series is getting the spin-off treatment, this time in New York City.

A big hit on Netflix, ostentatious empire has often been described as crazy rich asians satisfies sunset sale. Courtesy of its opulence and lavish displays, fans of the film and television series found solace in ostentatious empire as they waited to devour more content about opulence and fortune.

Having recently finished its third season, ostentatious empire follows the lives of an extremely wealthy group of Asian and Asian-American friends in Los Angeles. Aside from the fabulous parties they attend and the extravagant purchases they frequently splurge on, coincidentally spending $20,000 a month on rent, glitz and glamor hide secrets among the group.

Now, as the show heads to New York City, a new group of wealthy friends will take over our screens.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new Netflix spinoff series, Bling Empire: New York—from the plot to the cast and where to watch it.

Bling Empire: New York


what is the plot of Bling Empire: New York?

Very similar shining Empire, this spin-off series will follow the lives of Manhattan’s elite as they make their way through high society. However, the New York spinoff will also follow season two cast member Dorothy Wang as she moves to the Big Apple.

There’s a good chance we’ll get to witness the same level of drama and wacky ensembles, but this time, in the concrete jungle.

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According to the official synopsis, the series will see us “meet a new group of rich, sophisticated and hilarious Asian-Americans from New York City, where the quality of real estate is measured by address, not square footage.”

“The conversations are direct, not coded. And the competition, for love, money and power, is fierce. Billionaires, CEOs and fashion icons – it’s a city where you can be anything you want to be.”

Curious? Check out the juicy trailer below.

LOOK BELOW: ostentatious empire: New York official preview

who’s cast in Bling Empire: New York?

Aside from following Dorothy from season two to New York, no other ostentatious empire cast members, not even our beloved Anna Shay, appear to be making any cameo appearances in the spin-off.

Only from the trailer, we have been able to briefly know the faces that will occupy our screens shortly. First, there’s Tina, who is clearly the fashion connoisseur and It-girl of the bunch. Then there’s Stephen and Deborah, who are a duo that may seem charismatic on the surface but are more sinister on the inside. And finally, there’s Richard, who claims to have dated half the women in New York City, which may or may not include Dorothy.

Speaking of which, Dorothy seems to be one of the main people in the spin-off series with the trailer as such. Admitting that she hasn’t had much luck with the Los Angeles dating world, she hopes to “vibe” better with New York men. And after hinting at a possible storyline with Richard, it sounds like her love life (and the pressures of New York society) could be the focus of the series.

where can we see Bling Empire: New York?

So far, Netflix has withheld details about the release date of Bling Empire: New York in the low low. However, based on the teaser, it looks like it’s “coming soon”.

As for where you can watch the spin-off series, it will obviously premiere and live on Netflix.

In the meantime, you can watch the first three seasons of ostentatious empire on Netflix here.

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