Netflix’s #1 show in the world is being trashed by fans and critics

Even though Netflix has released a string of hits, even its most popular offerings aren’t immune to criticism and loathing. Following in the footsteps of The Sandmanthat ousted as the No. 1 series on Netflix and cemented its position atop the streaming charts, Michelle Monaghan’s mystery new limited series echoes it’s not getting much praise from the press or subscriptions.

Premiere on Netflix on Friday, August 19, echoes is a mystery thriller that centers on identical twins Leni and Gina. They share a dangerous secret between the two.

The sisters have been exchanging lives since they were children, and as adults, “they share two homes, two husbands and a son, but everything in their perfectly choreographed world falls apart when one of the sisters goes missing.” But their perfectly choreographed world falls apart when one of the sisters goes missing. Along with Monoghan, the English series stars Matt Bomer, Daniel Sunjata Ali Stroker Karen Robinson Rosanny Zayas Michael O’Neill Celia Weston Gable Swanlund Jonathan Tucker.

Although Echoes has made a lot of progress in its early broadcast days, it hasn’t received much recognition, and critics and fans alike seem to think Echoes isn’t worth watching.

On Rotten Tomatoes, a site that compiles critical and audience ratings for movies, the film has received dismal scores. The audience score stands at a mere 43%, with reviews such as “Abysmal to say the least” and “very painful to watch”. To make matters worse, critics gave it an even lower score of 28% with the general consensus reading: “Michelle Monaghan’s stunt double should be a winning proposition, but Echoes is a resounding failure whose promise fades with every silly twist.” “.

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Echo’s shortcomings were perhaps most apparent in her execution. Her dialogue, for example, was often forced and unnatural. While the meta-storyline (developed by the killer) surrounding Echo may have been fascinating at first, it soon became tedious and uninteresting. As a result of this, many viewers were tuned out after a single episode or even earlier.

Despite the bad reviews and fans, echoesThe popularity cannot be argued. echoes debuted on the streaming chart in the United States just a day later, dethroning The Sandman as series No. 1.

During the month of August, Echoes was the most watched title on Netflix, with more than 45 million viewers.

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