Netflix reviews for the weekend – Week 42

REVENGE (2022)

It was a very simple high school movie, it felt like one we had seen before. Drea dominated her school as the elite of high school, she was so pretty, charming and classy, ​​she dated a boy from a very rich family, who was every girl’s dream, and she didn’t know that he was not good for her . One day a sex tape was released to the public and it ruined her career and her future, she was filled with rage and wanted revenge, she would have to watch the full movie to see how long she had to do it. pay for her sins. The 1h 58m Teen Films, a comedy film directed by Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, starred Camila Mendes, Maya Hawke, Austin Abrams, Rish Shah and many more.


This was a form of documentary film that explained a very serious case of bank robbery that occurred in 2006, with a group of men who went to rob a bank in Buenos Aires, walked away with millions of cash and disappeared into thin air. The men felt they wanted to do something good for their community since the bank had been treating its customers unfairly; it felt like revenge for everything they had done. The film told the story of the robbery incident and the motives from the different angles of the men involved. It was strange to hear their reasons, how they planned it from underground, executed it smoothly and seamlessly, and left without getting caught. The 1h 50m Documentary/Crime film was directed by Matias Gueilburt, with the participation of Fernando Araujo and others who told the story.

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LOU (2022)

From the beginning I could feel that this movie was going to be exciting, I could only say that the action scenes would start quickly, so be a little patient. Hannah had a lovely and sweet daughter, they were Lou’s neighbors, one night during a bad stormy and rainy day, Hannah’s daughter is kidnapped by a strange man and taken away. On the quest to find Ella’s daughter, Hannah has no choice but to enlist the help of Ella’s evil landlady Lou Ella to join her in the search for Ella’s kidnapped Ella daughter, to which voluntarily agreed. The reveal of both women that night will leave you so shaken you won’t see the twist coming, I enjoyed it and felt it was a good story, but not like one we haven’t seen before. If you enjoy crime drama movies then look no further as these top 10 most popular movies on Netflix would be worth your time. The 1h 47m film was directed by Anna Foerster, the film featured Allison Janney, Jurnee Smollett, Lorgan Marshall-Green, Greyston Holt, Matt Craven, Toby Levins, etc.


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