Netflix review ‘The joys and sorrows of young Yuguo’ – As an ode to the life of young Yuguo

This new Netflix documentary is quite fascinating and interesting as it talks about someone’s interest, ambitions and love for the smallest and most ordinary things.
Through this documentary, we go through the short life span of Yuguo, a 16-year-old Chinese boy who had an extraordinary way of seeing things. He loved to read literature and poetry, especially those European authors and poets. His love for Eastern European poetry makes him leave his country and move to the Carpathian Mountains of Romania to live what he read and learned in those poems and literary works.

The documentary is beautiful in many ways and immerses us in the world of Yuguo, where he loved literature. The 28-minute documentary perfectly shows us his mentality and the love with which he adored the world, especially Romania. He fell in love with the culture and traditions that the country had and mixed with the local life as if he was there forever.

His parents and the teaching staff of his university in Romania remember him as the beautiful soul that made him love his country even more. We have footage of him applying to school while in Romania and participating in things that he enjoyed about him. This documentary film is rare in that it gives us beautiful meanings and insights on certain things, but still has a deep sadness.

The documentary has been very successful in bringing to light what Yuguo meant throughout his life. The way the documentary has taken us through the important events of his 16-year life and made us experience his imagination or the beliefs that he had is quite magical. We see a journey of how he lives his dreams. The documentary has succeeded in depicting his joys and sorrows as he talked about nature, crows and the most ordinary things, that too with extreme passion and adding a lot of beauty.

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This documentary is a beautiful watch and is perfect for one of those days when you want to find beauty in everything. It fills us with such joy as we learn to embrace all that we love. If you are someone who likes poetry, this documentary should be on your list as it gives us a glimpse into the poetry that Yuguo wrote. This documentary makes us love Yuguo and we can take insights from his life about love and learn about one’s passion. Overall, it is a short and beautiful documentary and each scene can be lovingly embraced by the audience.

Final score – [7.5/10]
Reviewed By – Poornima Balsu
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