Netflix K-Drama ‘Glitch’ Season 1: Coming to Netflix in October 2022

netflix k drama glitch season 1 is coming to netflix in october 2022

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Coming to Netflix in October 2022 is the exciting new K-Drama comedy series, Glitch. We keep track of everything you need to know about Failureincluding plot, production updates, cast news, trailers, and Netflix release date.

Failure is an upcoming South Korean Netflix Original comedy thriller series directed by Roh Deok and written by Jin Han-sae.

When is the Failure Netflix season 1 release date?

Netflix recently revealed that Failure will premiere on Netflix on Friday, October 7, 2022.

The October 2022 release date is much longer than we expected, but we can’t wait to see what’s in store for us.

what is the plot of Failure?

After a mysterious flash of light fell on Hong Ji Hyo’s boyfriend, he disappeared in the blink of an eye. To find her boyfriend, Hong Ji Hyo seeks out members of the UFO community to help her solve the strange mystery.

Who are the cast members of Failure season 1?

So far, only five cast members have been confirmed for Failure:

Role cast member Where have I seen/heard them before?
Hong Ji Hyo Jeon Yeo-bin Vincent | Be melodramatic | Save me
Heo BoRa lullaby Genesis | in the ring | kill him
ma hyung woo Lee Dong Hwi Pegasus Market | Radiant Office | Reply 1988
Kim Byung Jo Ryu Kyung Soo in love in the city | Itaewon class | Confession
to be confirmed Baek Joo Hee silence | To all the boys who loved me | extracurricular

Netflix subscribers will recognize some of the actors in Failure of some of the great Netflix Originals from South Korea. Baek Joo Hee was seen in extracurricular as Cho Mi Jung, the lady of the brothel. Jeon Yeo Bin was the romantic lead in the highly popular Vincenzo, playing the role of Hong Cha Young. Ryu Kyung Soo was seen in in love in the cityplaying the role of Kang Gun.

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glitch season 1 k drama netflix cast

What is the episode count for? Failure season 1?

We previously reported that the Failure The Wikipedia page had listed the episode count at 16 episodes.

We have since learned that there will be a total of ten episodes each. with an approximate execution time of 60 minutes.

What is the production status of Failure?

Production status: Post-production (Last update: 05/09/2022)

As of July 23, Failure was filming but took a short hiatus due to a case of COVID-19 on set.

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Jeon Yeo Bin (left) and Nana (right) – Copyright. Studio 329

Filming began in May 2021 and wrapped in December 2021. The K-Dramas have spent the last few months in post-production.

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