Netflix GameStop Docuseries Coming September 2022

netflix gamestop docuseries september 2022

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2021 was a wild year for the stock market and GameStop was one of the many biggest stories. The ailing game retailer’s shortage led to the rise of a new subculture, and the first Netflix project to cover the phenomenon arrives in September 2022.

Coming September 28, Story Syndicate’s docu-series explores the layers of intrigue, from the supercharged power of digital communities to the gamification of commerce that became prolific during the GameStop rush.

Story Syndicate has produced several documentaries for Netflix, including Convergence: courage in a crisis, the files of innocenceand the Oscar winner icarus Y What happened, Miss Simone?

This is how Netflix describes the title:

“This humorous documentary series follows a group of misfit millennials who banded together online to rescue their beloved GameStop from the clutches of Wall Street bigwigs, in a viral David vs. Goliath story for the 21st century.”

Executive producers on the project include Anthony Galloway, Daniel Rosen, Jon Bardin, Dan Cogan, Julie Gaither and Liz Garbus. Amy Hobby produces.

Netflix has yet to release a trailer for the new docuseries, but they have provided us with four first-look images.

Eat the Rich GameStop Saga S1 E1 00 33 43 01

Image: Netflix

Eat the Rich GameStop Saga S1 E1 00 25 07 16

Image: Netflix

Eat the Rich GameStop Saga S1 E1 00 17 38 03

Image: Netflix

Eat the Rich GameStop Saga S1 E1 00 36 47 14

Image: Netflix

Don’t forget that this isn’t the only GameStop project Netflix has in the works. Announced in February 2021, Noah Centineo will star in a stock feature film. At the time, Mark Boal was in negotiations to write the film.

Eat the Rich: The GameStop Saga is one of 14 Netflix original documentaries and docuseries arriving throughout the month. Other anticipated titles include the new spin-off of chef’s table which will focus on Pizza, the documentary by Georgie Stone, a documentary about the Hollywood heist the real bling ring, and the final entry in Incalculable volume 2

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Netflix isn’t the only one jumping on the GameStop story bandwagon. Neon released the 94-minute documentary. Gamestop: The rise of gamers to largely positive reviews earlier this year. Vice released a documentary with the company called the big squeeze. MGM is also looking to get in on the action, buying the rights to a book proposal called GameStop, Reddit and Wall Street. HBO Max also released a documentary series in early 2022.

are you looking forward to seeing Eat the Rich: The GameStop Saga on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below.

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