Netflix continues to offer DVDs – here’s how to order movies and TV shows

Netflix is ​​a popular streaming service platform that now hosts an extensive library of content.

Netflix features hit series like The Umbrella Academy, Stranger Things, Brigeton, Squid Game and many more.

It not only featured original series that were admired by its subscribers, but also featured numerous movies, including old, new, and original movies.

However, many of you may not have noticed, but hidden deep within Netflix’s settings lies a legacy from the streaming service’s past life, its DVD offerings.

Netflix continues to offer DVDs to its user base that allow you to watch the latest movies and TV shows that have been released recently, and include titles not usually available on the platform.

Netflix continues to support DVD and Blu-ray rentals, though the caveat is that it’s a separate subscription and will cost you extra money on top of the streaming plan you already have with Netflix.

There is a limited selection of movies and TV shows on Netflix that are offered in DVD format, and an even smaller selection is available in Blu-ray format. On the other hand, the DVD plan gives access to a selection of series and movies that are not offered through any other service.

Netflix DVD Plans

Netflix currently offers three options for DVD plans that you can choose from:

  • The Basic plan allows you to rent one DVD at a time and purchase an unlimited number of DVDs each month for $10.

  • The standard plan allows you to rent two DVDs at a time, and you can order an unlimited number of DVDs each month for $15.

  • The Premium plan allows you to rent three DVDs at a time and you can order an unlimited number of DVDs each month for $20.

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How to order DVDs from Netflix

According to CNET, to get Netflix DVDs, you must first have a Netflix subscription, which includes access to all Netflix streaming material.

The Netflix DVD rental option is only available through an add-on to your current Netflix subscription.

At the moment, the most basic streaming option on Netflix costs $10 a month and allows users to watch standard definition 480p content on a single device.

If you currently have a membership for the Netflix streaming service, adding the DVD plan is a very easy process. However, you cannot add the DVD plan through the Netflix app.

To order, you can follow these simple steps:

After you add the DVD plan to your account, you’ll be able to compile a list of movies and TV shows, after which Netflix will deliver the DVDs to you in the sequence you’ve specified.

When you have finished watching a DVD, you should put it in an envelope that has already been paid for and mail it. Once Netflix is ​​informed that your previous disc is on its way back, the next DVD will be shipped in your order.

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