NBA analyst stunned by LeBron James’ performance, says Lakers are covering aging star

Next season will be LeBron James’ 20th season in the NBA. The LA Lakers superstar remains at the top of his game and recently put in a stunning preseason performance against the Phoenix Suns in Las Vegas.

On “First Things First,” analyst Nick Wright had this to say about LeBron James:

“This was another reminder yesterday. Somehow, even in year 20, a couple of months shy of turning 38, on any given night this season, he’s going to look like the best player in the league. Now, he’s not the best. A league player, Giannis is, but on any given night he could look like one.

LeBron in the first half tonight #NBAPreseason game: 23 PTS on 8-11 shot 4 REB4 AST The ? is off to a good start in year 20.

Wright wrapped up his thoughts by calling the Lakers’ refusal to give away their remaining assets frustrating. The team made it clear that they are not willing to include both first-round picks interchangeably unless they get a star in return.

See Nick Wright’s full comments on LeBron James’ preseason performance below:

“LeBron decided to put on a little show in Vegas. This was another reminder that somehow in the 20th year, on any given night, he’s going to look like the best player in the league.” @getnickwright on LeBron’s 23 PTS (8-11 FG), 3 REB, 4 AST in 17 minutes of preseason performance:

LeBron James would like to have an NBA team in Las Vegas

LeBron’s success on the court has been replicated in his off-court endeavors, as he reportedly achieved billionaire status. He hasn’t been shy about his desire to own an NBA franchise in the past. After the Lakers’ preseason game in Las Vegas, James shared his desire for the franchise to be in Sin City.

LeBron James used his postgame news conference in Las Vegas to address NBA Commissioner Adam Silver directly during a response, saying he wants to own the team in Las Vegas if the league expands to include a team in Sin City.

During his post-game press conference, about the gaming atmosphere in Las Vegas. James said:

“It’s the best fan base in the world. I would love to bring a team here at some point. That would be awesome. I want the team here, Commissioner Adam, thank you.”

While Las Vegas has become a new hot spot for sports franchises following the move of the Las Vegas Raiders from Oakland, Seattle was always thought of as the next city to expand the NBA. However, with a push from LeBron, Las Vegas could jump ahead of the queue.

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