Nanoparticle-Based Green Hydrogen Technology: First Look at SunHydrogen’s Prototype

SunHydrogen, a startup in the US, has shared its upcoming nanoparticle-based green hydrogen technology with the public.

The prototype design carefully integrates a light absorber, SunHydrogen’s proprietary catalysts, and a membrane integration assembly. It has a panel shell built from stable, lightweight modular materials that can be scaled up or down for small or mass manufacturing. In addition, the design takes sunlight as the main source of energy. The sun’s energy will produce hydrogen to the maximum.

The prototype design of this nanoparticle technology shows a technology that uses electrical charges directly from the sun to generate hydrogen. The design provides for the generation of electricity when the sun rises. Grid electricity from renewable sources such as wind will power the catalyst and membrane integration assembly.

‘Inside an individual SunHydrogen panel, billions of microscopic nanoparticles are splitting water at the molecular level to produce hydrogen and oxygen.‘ said the scientific director of SunHydrogen Dr. Syed Mubeen.

‘What you see in the rendered images is a single prototype panel contained in a protective case. In a future hydrogen production plant or farm, our panels would expand in dimension to form a larger, more powerful array. Essentially, this prototype shows a small-scale version of both our technology and its casing.”

Once the prototype design begins to be investigated, the science team will begin evaluating individual design elements and performance to ensure efficient hydrogen production and improve the technology.

‘The completion of this early prototype design marks another milestone on our journey towards commercialization of our nanoparticle technology. We look forward to sharing additional updates with our shareholders and supporters as we continue to work toward our 2022 goals.’ Dr. Mubeen added.

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Another Hydrogen Breakthrough

French company Lhyfe has ordered ten 5 MW proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolyser systems from Plug Power. It is reported to be the largest order yet from a French company.

With these electrolysers of a total capacity of 50 MW (equivalent to up to 20 tons per day), Lhyfe aims to produce renewable green hydrogen using mainly wind and solar energy for various mobility applications in Europe, including forklifts and light commercial vehicles, such as Master Van from Hyvia, Plug’s joint venture with Renault, with hydrogen deliveries starting in 2023‘, the French hydrogen company wrote.

Lhyfe also joined its subsidiaries in Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden and Spain in launching operations in the UK. Later this month, it will present the world’s first offshore hydrogen production demonstrator in Saint-Nazaire.

‘The speed with which this deployment is taking place confirms the growing enthusiasm of European countries for renewable hydrogen,’ said Matthieu GuesneCEO of Lhyfe.

About SunHydrogen

solhydrogen is a California-based energy company that started in 2009. It believes in its technology, a low-cost technology that produces renewable hydrogen using sunlight and any water source, be it wastewater or clean water. This photoelectrochemical technology uses sunlight to split water into hydrogen and oxygen as a byproduct. SunHydrogen’s primary goal is to produce renewable hydrogen through a low-cost method for all hydrogen-powered vehicles.

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