MundoMac, the technology store chain committed to human warmth

worldmac It has been in the market for 27 years, but it maintains the same values ​​as from day one: continuous innovation through a warm relationship with the client. “Proximity is very important to us. Our intention is to try to enrich the bond and that each person with whom we interact with Mundomack grows a little or takes something from our experience, ”he explains. Andres SilveraSales manager of a chain of technology stores with a focus on the emblematic Apple brand.

Thief Two branches in Montevideoother Two in Punta del Este You A special space dedicated to the business world —and made up of a team of salespeople and technicians—, MundoMac breaks with the idea that communication in the technological world can be cold and impersonal. “You have to take into account the human aspect, so the most important thing is to understand people and their needs, from technology to them, with all the knowledge that we can transfer to them,” Celera describes. .

To achieve this, the company refrains from offering a standardized solution, but instead opts for fluid communication. “It’s not just about selling equipment, but we work to train customers and analyze their problems; It does not matter if you are a person who is encouraged to undertake or if it is a great project. We study each proposal in detail, we provide tailored solutions”, he assured.

MundoMac achieves such alliances by analyzing the tax benefits of various items and projects to provide the best solutions to its corporate clients. “Sometimes we can inform you about the mechanism to obtain certain products exempt from taxes, either at the time of importation or through refunds,” he says.

AV.  in g.  Louis Ponce 1364. MundoMac store located at
AV. in g. Louis Ponce 1364. MundoMac store located at

To achieve these objectives, human values ​​and the commitment of the more than 40 people who are part of the chain are essential. Therefore, during the last six months, MundoMac achieved a customer satisfaction rate of 95%. “This is a very high standard and at the same time we appreciate the 5% of satisfied customers who tell us why they are not happy with us. We take this as an opportunity to improve,” he says.

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To fulfill its commitment, the company places emphasis on the continuous training of its employees. “We wouldn’t have been as close to people or technology if we hadn’t been constantly preparing. Therefore, in the last eight months we have invested between US$15,000 and US$20,000 in certifications, activities and courses both inside and outside the company. We are interested in continuous improvement”, he explains and mentions that, in addition, the objective is to prepare our employees for a successful professional career.

And in this regard, the outbreak of the pandemic brought a new proximity strategy. In addition to strengthening your electronic commercethey also made one contact center who works every day Week 9.00 and 21.00. Come in“We invested in people, equipment and infrastructure, this service proposal was very well received by customers, since it is not an outsourced service.”


Commitment to Continuous Innovation

Since 1995, and indisputably, MundoMac has stood out for being Authorized dealer You Apple Authorized Support in Uruguay This accreditation aims to provide technical support and repair equipment with the standards and equipment required by the multinational. “We have trained and certified technicians in all of our stores. We have a unique Apple Tool Kit in each of our laboratories and that makes the difference, so that the equipment remains as original”, details Silver.

In fact, these sets required MundoMac to invest US$10,000 per store to do this job optimally. They also work with original spare parts for each unit. “When a piece of equipment is sealed, it will be held to the same standards as the ones that came out of the factory. It is the guarantee of a good experience”, he describes.

Andres Silveira, Manager of Sales and Corporate Sector of Mundomac.
Andrés Silver, Sales Manager of Mundomac.

MundoMac stands for Multiple Labs and Six Certified Technicians, and has received the highest rating from Apple in recent metric reviews. “This allows us to reaffirm the work we have done to be the best Apple service in Uruguay.”

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With these results, company representatives periodically visit their facilities.

In turn, MundoMac is responsible for providing warranties for Apple devices. “It doesn’t matter if they bought them from us or if it’s with another distributor or in another country; We love getting people and checking if they are entitled to guarantees in Uruguay”, he defines.

The commitment to continuous innovation has allowed other well-known brands such as Adobe, Bose, FitBit, Griffin, Belkin, Archicad, Genelec, Satechi to work locally with Mundomac.

Silver anticipates that, among the company’s future plans, are adding new branches. “We are looking at the possibilities of a new opening, and we are working for that,” he confirmed. On the other hand, and after the fire at his Punta Shopping store that affected his stores, he maintains operations at his Gorlero stores while they analyze the scenario that led to the incident.

At the same time, they plan to continue betting on the growth of eCommerce and its contact center, in addition to turning their knowledge into new solution developments, as is the case with Gestana. Based on SAP Business One, this management system is aimed at retail companies dedicated to retail, after-sales technical support and electronic commerce.

This is the first project outside of Mundomac, but they are currently evaluating the possibilities of creating new ventures where they can transfer and expand their team’s knowledge.

And of course the main focus is staying close to our customers. “We are going to work to maintain Apple’s leadership position in Uruguay and continue to communicate with people in their language, as we have always done,” he concluded.


your work philosophy

The company’s vision is to improve people’s quality of life, through a good experience providing technology and services. On the other hand, its mission is to become Apple’s services and solutions provider in Uruguay.

They also work to become a profitable company through a professional, competitive and innovative approach; Strengthening of values ​​and ethics. Its objectives are fulfilled with the commitment to improve the qualifications of its members to prepare them for a successful professional career inside and outside the company.

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