Multiple Netflix Movie Release Dates Pushed Until 2023

netflix movies moved to 2023

In the photo: The mother, Tyrone was cloned and We have a ghost

Netflix just unveiled its fall 2022 lineup and some notable omissions mean that some of its biggest movies from 2022 have been moved to 2023. Let’s break down which ones will no longer debut this year.

These movies were initially found on Netflix’s 2022 slate document which was copied and pasted into Variety in February 2022.

So, let’s break down the 10 movies that will now be released in 2023 (or possibly beyond) instead of 2022 exclusively on Netflix:

  • Monkey Man – This one came off the 2022 schedule a bit earlier in the year, but it was confirmed today that there is no chance of it releasing this year. The new movie comes from Dev Patel, who writes, directs and stars. It is about an ex-felon released in India who struggles to adjust to a world filled with greed and eroded spiritual values.

filming wrapped up in rustin 2022

  • rustin – Just finished filming, rustin it would be a long shot to make the 2022 list. Colman Domingo will play Bayard Rustin in this new biopic produced by the Obamas.
  • Astronaut – Starring Adam Sandler, this sci-fi adaptation from director Johan Renck is now officially confirmed to move to 2023.
  • The Heritage – This horror was among the starting lineup for 2022. This horror is directed by Alejandro Brugués, about a billionaire who invites his children over for fear that he is about to die.
the mother movie netflix

The Mother – Picture: Netflix

  • Mother – One of the multiple films by Jennifer López exclusively for Netflix is ​​The Mother. The movie was featured front and center in the sizzling 2022 trailer above, but it doesn’t appear on the 2022 Fall 2022 list. The movie is about a killer who comes out of hiding to protect his daughter he left earlier in the life.
  • the mothership – Coming from writer-director Matt Charman, this movie is headlined by Halle Berry and she also appears in that opening video from 2022. The sci-fi flick also features Molly Parker and Omari Hardwick.
  • pale blue eye – Arguably this one wasn’t really pushed given that it will have a limited theatrical release in December 2022, but its release on Netflix will be in early January 2023. The new movie stars Christian Bale.
they cloned tyrone netflix movie

They cloned Tyrone – Image: Netflix

  • Tyrone was cloned – Jamie Foxx, John Boyega and Teyonah Parris headline this new sci-fi comedy for Netflix that sadly appears to have been cut from the 2022 schedule. The film hails from director Juel Taylor and is about a trio lost in a government conspiracy.
  • we have a ghost – Coming from Legendary Entertainment, it looks like this upcoming family movie won’t be out in 2022. Christopher Landon’s movie stars David Harbor and Jennifer Coolidge.
you people netflix movie 2022

Image: Netflix

  • Your people – It is also not present in the 2022 list Your people by Kenya Barris. It looks like the big ensemble comedy movie will land in 2023.
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Want to watch even more Netflix movies in 2023? Here’s our full preview for next year, to be updated in the coming months.

Are you sad to see any of the previous movies delayed? Let us know in the comments.

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