Movie Review: JAWS (1975): Steven Spielberg’s masterpiece returns to theaters in 3-D for an end-of-summer treat

Jaws of Roy Scheider

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Jaws (1975) Movie Checka movie directed by Steven Spielbergwritten by carl gotlieb Y Peter Benchley and starring roy scheider, Robert Shaw, Richard Dreyfuss, lorraine gary, murray hamilton, carl gotlieb, Jeffrey Kramer, susan backline, Chris Rebello, Lee Fierro, Robert Nevin Y Peter Benchley.

Steven Spielberg’s classic 1975 killer shark movie, jawsIt’s back on 3-D movie screens and it’s every movie buff’s dream to see it (especially in 3-D) on the big screen. This movie defined summer blockbuster in its day and is an absolutely perfect example of how to make a successful action movie. From its tense and memorable musical score by John Williams to its quotable dialogue, this is a picture that redefined the way we watch movies.


Based on the novel by Peter Benchley, Spielberg’s film is set in a town called Amity, where a new New York police chief named Brody (Roy Scheider) finds himself in one of the most dangerous situations he could imagine: he faces to try to save his beach community from the wrath of a killer great white shark. The image begins in late June with some young people sitting around a campfire at night by the beach. Two young potential lovers meet and run into the water together. Since the boy is drunk, he passes out but it’s too late because the girl named Chrissie (Susan Backlinie) is already in the water and the killer shark comes to nibble on the poor woman.

This situation would turn into a public relations nightmare for Brody but he is still ready to close the beach and tell the town about the shark attack. However, the local political boss, Vaughn (Murray Hamilton, absolutely excellent) suggests passing him off as a boating accident. However, that’s not enough when the beach opens up and a child dies. Absolutely excellent in the film is the performance of Lee Fierro, who plays the mother of the boy killed by the shark, Mrs. Kintner, who slaps Brody and blames him for not closing the beaches. Apparently, the shark is caught by some locals, but a young shark expert named Hooper (the incredible Richard Dreyfuss) is almost certain that they have the wrong shark and that the monstrous predator is still out there.

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Enter Quint (Robert Shaw), who initially offered to catch the shark and kill it for $10,000, but Vaughn only offers $3,000 until Vaughn’s own family gets caught up in the shark beach fiasco. That ups the stakes and Quint joins Brody and Hooper on a boat to take on the killer shark. Quint makes a grand entrance on screen when he runs his nails across a blackboard early in the picture at a group meeting to shut everyone up and Shaw absolutely commands the audience’s attention every time he appears on screen in the film.

Brody is well developed as a character. He is married to a kind woman named Ellen (Lorraine Gary) and has a son named Michael (Chris Rebello). In a cute scene, Chief Brody and his son are sitting at the table and the boy mimics everything his dad does. It’s a standout scene among the less scary parts of the movie and it’s quite moving. Meanwhile, the confident and determined Hooper is exquisitely played by Dreyfuss, who burst onto the screen in this wonderful role that seemed right for him. This is Dreyfuss’s second-best role, his first being his turn in a film he would do much later called Mr. Holland’s Opus.

As the shark hunter dream team goes on their quest to kill the shark, a severed head shows up at one point and it certainly made audience members jump out of their seats at the theater I attended. I must admit my heart skipped a beat at that part of the movie as well. The effects on jaws they were always wonderful to behold even though technology has come a long way since this movie was made. Particularly noteworthy is that when the ship the shark hunters are traveling in capsizes towards the end of the film, it literally pops off the screen thanks to 3-D making us feel like we’re right there with our heroes in the middle of the action. The 3-D certainly immerses viewers in the film’s waterlogged scenes as well.

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Spielberg placed scenes in his film at the end of the picture that arguably defined the character, like the sequence where Quint and Hooper compare battle scars one night while on the ship waiting for Jaws to attack. This kind of scene probably couldn’t be included in a major movie today with audiences so eager to get into the action at the expense of missing out on important character development. Spielberg wisely did not sacrifice such a development in his masterpiece.

Yes, jaws it has a deliberate rhythm, but that is its beauty. Hollywood doesn’t work like that anymore and it’s a shame. Virtually everything is shown in today’s movie trailers and, for example, in movies that have come from the Jurassic Park series, we had dinosaur action pretty early on as we saw the entire shark in jaws Required patience that some audiences simply don’t have today. Patience is a virtue and jaws It shows us this with the great action sequences towards the end that are certainly worth the wait.

Brody’s best line in jaws That’s when the shark shows up and says, “We’re going to need a bigger boat.” if you plan to see jaws on a small screen, take my advice and go to the movies while jaws it’s still playing because you’re going to need a bigger screen. Steven Spielberg’s masterpiece is one of the greatest movies of all time.

Classification: 10/10

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