Mouni Roy Shares His Story About The Exceptional Journey In ‘Brahmastra’: “I Was Immediately Drawn To The World”

Image Source: Bollywood Hungama

In the year of consecutive failures and disappointments, all eyes eagerly await the release of the film “Brahmastra”, a project drawn for a decade by Ayan Mukerji, starring the most talented actors Alia Bhatt Ranbir Kapoor as the main character.

Apart from them, actress Mouni Roy will be seen as the main antagonist of the film. The actress herself is too excited about the launch since the next role is the most interesting role of her entire career; She reveals her reactions and her feelings in an exclusive chat session with Bollywood Hungama.

In the past, this role was only mentioned as a guest appearance role in the film, but it eventually went to the main antagonist of the film. she utters,
“So, I was looking for gold in London. And I remember it was one of the days off and it was a bit rainy. And we had gone to see an abbey, I don’t remember which one but close by, from where we were shooting. And I got a call from Mukesh Chhabra. So, he called me and asked ‘What are you doing?’ and I said ‘I’m in London’.

“He said, ‘Do you want to make a guest appearance in this big movie Ayan is doing? With Ranbir, Alia and Bachchan, sir. I said ‘Yes, of course’. He asked ‘When are you coming back?’ Y. I said ‘I’ll be back in a week’. So, I came back and I still remember that first meeting with Ayan and, you know, I was performing that same night at an award show that I remember. So, I asked if the meeting would take a long time. So, he said, ‘No, it won’t, it’ll probably take like 10 minutes.’ So, I said, okay, but then I walked into the meeting. I remember leaving the meeting after three and a half hours.” she concluded.

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Mouni further shared, “So, Ayan and I started talking. And he explained to me the world of Brahmastra and how he had conceptualized it, how it would work for him for many years. And I was immediately drawn to the world and as he tells everyone, I actually joined him as a guest appearance and it turned into a longer role to become the antagonist and main villain of the movie. So, it’s been a journey even after I joined the movie.”

Brahmāstra, the very name implies a mythological presence. The film belongs to the dramatic genre of fantastic adventures.
The synopsis reads: “A young man on the verge of falling in love finds his world turned upside down when he discovers he has the power to control fire and a connection to a secret society of guardians.”

Written and directed by Ayan Mukerji and produced by Dharma Productions. The film is also rumored to feature an extensive cameo appearance by Deepika Padukone and also a guest appearance by SRK. The film will hit theaters on September 9 in Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil languages.

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