Mobile Week Orens seeks to generate interest in technology in all sectors

initiative, born under the alliance of Oranes Provincial Council and Mobile World Capital Barcelona, It has been transferred to many cities in the province of Orensee and is outlined under the need to fight against the rural population through digitization, bringing the administration closer to the citizen and advancing in the adaptation of the population to the new technological reality. .

The second edition of Mobile Week Orense was presented by César Fernández, second vice president of the Orais Provincial Council; the Head of Mobile Week at Mobile World Capital Barcelona, ​​​​Christina Colom; the Zunta representative in Orense, Gabriel Allen; Matteo Alonso San Román, director of Institutional Banking at Abanca in Orense; Emma González, manager of Inorde; and Fernando Suarez, coordinator of Mobile Week Orense.

César Fernández, Second Vice President of the Provincial GovernmentHe stressed that this second edition “reinforces the firm commitment of the President of the Provincial Council, Manuel Balter, to keep the province at the forefront of new technologies and the use of digital tools at the service of citizens.” A line of work, he said, that not only makes it possible to fight against the digital divide, but also examines how these technologies can help us deal with desertion and devastation in rural areas.

Responsible for Mobile Week at Mobile World Capital Barcelona, ​​​​Cristina Colomo, highlighted Orens’ commitment to linking technology and citizenship. “Bringing the digital transformation closer to the daily needs of ordinary citizens is one of the objectives of Mobile Week, which has been consolidated in recent years as a successful initiative that aims to close the digital divide, promote digital inclusion and empower citizens. . It helps promote digital empowerment,” Kolam highlighted.

The Manager of the North, Emma González, They reviewed some of the proposals that they would develop, such as two programs, in collaboration with the CEO, for the commercialization of the products of the Orens companies on European platforms and training in applied sustainability in the agri-food sector through digitalization.

In the end, Program Coordinator, Fernando Suarez, said that the spirit of Mobile Week Orens “is to put people at the center of technological development, that is why the activities are aimed at all citizens”. At the Marcos Valcárcel Cultural Center and in the capital and other parts of the province, “the people of Ourense will be able to enjoy a very ambitious agenda of activities,” Suárez explained about three main axes.s: digital rights, the future and the construction of skillsWith training sessions and workshops for all audiences and with a technological approach from the most basic to the most advanced aspects.

The content, transferred, will be structured by age groups

In addition to other municipalities that will be announced in the coming days, Mobile Week will move activities throughout the province of Orense, with initiatives planned in Orense, Zinzo, Selanova, O Irixo or San Zoan de Río.

Mobile Week orans content is structured by age groups. In particular, the activities of professionalsUse of artificial intelligence, recovery funds and electronic identities.

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