Michelle Argyris, Andrew Bushell and others to star in Lifetime’s Christmas movie

Lifetime’s new Christmas movie, Christmas recordwill premiere on the channel on Thursday, December 15, 2022.

The film centers on a young woman who works as an adjudicator for The World Record Bureau. She travels to a small town for an official visit, but things get complicated when she falls in love with a doctor.

Here’s the official synopsis for the film, according to Lifetime:

“Leah Hoffman (Michelle Argyris), a World Record Bureau awardee, takes the last straw and is forced to travel to a small town just before Christmas to investigate her plans to break multiple world vacation records.”

The synopsis further says:

“As she falls for the town doctor, Devan Bancroft (Andrew Bushell), she discovers that the whole town is in cahoots, and that she may be the one person who can help them achieve their true Christmas goal.”

Christmas record stars Michelle Argyris in the title role along with many others playing major supporting roles. The film is directed by Max McGuire and written by W. Stewart.

Christmas record Cast: Dominique Desmarais stars alongside Michelle Argyris and Andrew Bushell

1) Michelle Argyris as Leah Hoffman

Michelle Argyris plays the lead role of Leah Hoffman in Christmas record. Argyris visits a small town for work, but there she ends up falling in love with a charming doctor, which complicates things. Argyris looks effortlessly charming in the movie trailer and promises to deliver an impressive performance in the film.

Apart from Christmas recordMichelle Argyris is known for her performances in Welcome to the Christmas Family Reunion, love in translation, Replacement partsY homemade christmasto name a few.

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2) Andrew Bushell as Devan Bancroft

Actor Andrew Bushell plays the role of Devan Bancroft in the new Lifetime Christmas movie. Bushell plays the charming doctor with whom Argyris’s character falls in love. He looks in fine form in the trailer and shares great on-screen chemistry with Michelle Argyris.

Andrew Bushell has previously starred in kiss the cook, secret santa claus, romance in nature, Love in Sky Gardensand many more.

3) Dominique Desmarais as Josie Stetson

Dominique Desmarais plays the role of Josie Stetson in Christmas record. Details about her character are currently being kept under wraps, but viewers can expect her to play a key role in the story. Dominique Desmarais’ other film and television acting credits include terror train Y ghosts.

Aside from the aforementioned actors, Christmas record features many others in prominent supporting/supporting roles such as:

  • Darlene Cooke as Nell Bancroft
  • Chris Gleason as Bob
  • Connor McMahon as Scott MacDougall
  • Dana Puddicombe as Simone
  • Michael Gordin Shore as Doug Corbett

The trailer for the film offers a glimpse into the exciting life of leading lady Leah Hoffman. She embarks on a memorable journey to a small town that changes her life forever.

Viewers can expect a warm and upbeat film similar in tone to aromatic christmas Y serving the holidays.

You can watch the new Christmas movie, Christmas recordon Lifetime on Thursday, December 16, 2022 at 8 pm ET.

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