Meghan Markle Teases Return of Social Media, Addresses Netflix Scrap Series – The Hollywood Reporter

Meghan Markle could be returning to Instagram.

In a candid interview with New York Magazine’s The cut posted Monday, Markle quickly joked, “Do you want to know a secret?” before revealing, “I’m going back… to Instagram. Markle noted that she was considering herself, “Especially now, with archetypes coming out.”

archetypes is Markle’s recently launched Spotify podcast, which examines the history behind stereotypes against women. The podcast is the first. series released as part of a production deal between her and Prince Harry’s Archewell Audio and Spotify’s Gimlet Media.

Markle spoke with Serena Williams on the premiere episode of archetypes, where the two discussed fulfilling work obligations despite their children being injured or in danger. upcoming archetypes guests will include Constance Wu, Issa Rae, Lisa Ling, Margaret Cho, Mariah Carey and Ziwe.

Before her engagement and eventual marriage to Prince Harry, Markle ran a lifestyle blog, the tigand according The cutHe amassed 3 million followers on Instagram, where he shared snapshots of his life. But her account and blog were later dropped in the midst of her affair with Harry. Markle referred to making the “big adjustment” of shutting down her social media profiles.

“It was a big adjustment, a big adjustment to go from that kind of autonomy to a different life,” Markle said. Markle and Prince Harry shared updates through @KensingtonRoyal accounts, which also provided updates on Prince William and Kate Middleton, but she explained that they had to abide by strict rules.

“There is literally a structure whereby if you want to post photos of your child, as a family member, you have to give them to Royal Rota first,” he explained of the UK media group. “Why would I give the same people who call my kids the N-word a picture of my kid before I can share it with the people who love my kid? Tell me how that makes sense and then I’ll play that game,” she said.

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She and Harry went on to launch their own Instagram handle @sussexroyal, where they didn’t play the “swapping game” and shared their own posts. The account eventually stopped updating after they stepped back from royal duties.

Despite teasing a comeback on social media, the story then suggests the decision may not be finalized after all, writing, “Meghan would later convey that she wasn’t sure she was actually coming back to Instagram anymore.”

Later in the story, Markle talks about upcoming projects through Archewell Productions’ Netflix deal, including the recently scrapped animated series. Pearl.

“There’s not much you can do when a company and a division change their slate,” Markle said of the series. “And there’s also not much you can do when, even if you think the project is great, the media will report it as if it’s just my project.”

Markle also addresses speculation that a possible documentary series about her and Harry’s love story is in the works, with Liz Garbus set to direct. “What’s so funny is that I’m not trying to be cautious. I don’t read any press. So I don’t know what is confirmed. I will tell you that Liz Garbus is amazing. Liz Garbus also worked on PearlMarkle said. Markle added that he will let Netflix and its publicist decide what can be shared about upcoming projects.

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