Megan Thee Stallion teases a team-up with Netflix

The spooky season never fails to thrill and delight, and this October Grammy-winning rap artist known professionally as Megan Thee Stallion has some kind of mystery gift in store for fans. If any beauty is also a fan of Netflix’s sci-fi horror series Strange thingsthis powerhouse appears to be planning something very exciting which may currently be in the works.

The singer and actress used her personal Instagram account to post a collection of seven photos. In the first pictures, Megan is sporting some fiery red locks and aside from her dazzling ensemble, at first glance, the post doesn’t seem out of the ordinary. In the fifth photo, Megan is holding a handful of very official-looking cards with Strange things printed across them, her manicure sporting black widow spiders, and then the next one shows the artist relaxing in a Netflix chair! The post is cryptic and clearly meant to provoke fans, because the caption gives nothing away. Rather than make any kind of official announcement, Megan posts three emojis: a spider, a spider web, and a heart.


Let’s unpack what we know. Recently, Megan Thee Stallion has made the crossover from musical artist to actress, with a guest role as Onyx on NBC. good girlsthen again this year when he played his alter-ego, tub snowin Valley P and made an MCU cameo appearance as herself in the Disney+ series She-Hulk: Lawyer. Megan is also notoriously a fan of both horror and film. Strange things. During a day in the life with Vogue in 2019, the rapper confirmed that she was writing a script for a horror movie, and in Tonight’s Show Starring Jimmy Fallon this year, Megan confirmed that she sent Stancy during an interview with Strange things star Natalia Dyer. Being a fan, Megan must know the importance of spiders to Strange things The infamous villain of season 4, Vecna ​​(Jamie Campbell Bower), Correct?

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In the show, the new big bad of the Upside Down is introduced to fans as Vecna, an overlord from the alternate dimension who has been bleeding in Hawkins since season 1. Come find out, Vecna ​​is also one, one of experienced children. at Hawkins Lab, which is what’s more Henry Creel, an antisocial boy with psychic abilities. Young Creel, played by Raphael Luce, found solace when he discovered a nest of black widow spiders. Calling them “the greatest of all predators”, the boy revered the creature and would later create the Mind Flayer in his image.

In Megan Thee Stallion’s photos, her nails are shaped like jeweled black widows on each finger. To be fair, it’s October and maybe this is a sneak peek at her costume, but that Netflix chair gives reason to believe fans may see the singer-turned-actress in the upcoming season 5. While it could be a collaboration for a various things, hopefully, we’ll get a cameo or some vocal talent. We also know that Megan sometimes lends her perspective to villains. In her Vogue interview, the singer-turned-actress also revealed that she likes movies that “make you almost fall in love with the villain so you feel sympathy for him… kill the villain.”

Truth be told, we can’t know for sure what this all means until the superstar decides to spill her secrets to us, but it’s fun to speculate! the four seasons of Strange things are available to stream on Netflix. You can check out the photos and trailer for Season 4 below:

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