Meet the Dallas Area Cast of Netflix’s Love Is Blind Season 3 and the Official Trailer Release

DALLAS (KDAF) — The time is almost here, the dating show that has taken the nation by storm is about to air its third season, and this time it features Dallas singles trying to see if love really can be blind. “Get ready! Yee haw, baby”, Love Is Blind is back.

30 new singles will be looking for love on your screens on October 19th, and while we can’t wait, we wanted to help you find out who will be diving into this experiment in love. These Dallas singles will follow in the footsteps of Chicago and Atlanta singles from seasons past, while paving their own highway of love.

Without further ado, let’s meet the cast! “Naturally, those capsules will be filled with 30 singles taking a chance and hoping to fall in love, unseen, though only a handful will ultimately commit without even seeing their loved ones. It takes a very special cast to get in. Love is blind heart first, and this group is unforgettable,” says Netflix.

The men

  • Tony, 34, medical device sales representative
  • Dakota, 29, aerospace engineer
  • Brennon, 32, water treatment engineer
  • Zach, 29, Medical School/Interior QA Manager
  • Dale, 32, cybersecurity student
  • Simmer, 27, director of marketing technology
  • Nash, 34 years old, real estate agent
  • Cole, 27, real estate agent
  • Antonio, 33, lawyer
  • Matt, 28, private charter sales executive
  • Bartise, 27, senior analyst
  • Sikiru “SK,” 34, data engineer
  • Andrew, 30, Director of Operations
  • DaVonte, 29, physical development coach
  • Julian, 34, Chief Operating Officer
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  • Ashley, 29, chiropractor
  • Kalekia, 31, ICU nurse practitioner
  • Brannigan, 35, intensive care nurse
  • Nancy, 32, real estate investor
  • Chelsey, 27, Customer Success Manager
  • Colleen, 26, ballet dancer/digital PR strategist
  • Charita, 35, makeup artist
  • Valerie, 35, dermatologist
  • Amanda, 31, hairstylist
  • Zanab, 32, real estate agent
  • Raven, 29, Pilates Instructor
  • Alexa, 27, owner of an insurance agency
  • Jess, 30, Senior Event Producer
  • Loren, 36, medical device representative
  • Kim, 30, Teacher/Coach

Check out the official trailer below!

Netflix explains, “Love is blind is a dating show where people choose to marry someone they have never met in person. As in previous seasons, the singles meet potential matches in hijacked pods, where they can only hear their date’s voice. All physical identifiers are hidden behind a bright blue wall. Some leave the experiment alone. Others get engaged in the pods and meet once they have already agreed to marry. When their love leaves the safety of the capsules and is tested in the real world, will they still say “I do”?

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