Louis-Philippe Montour in an eventful race at Icar

Louis-Philippe Montour was looking for more than an 11the-final place in the “General Tire 125” event held at ICAR on Saturday night.

An untimely shower forced NASCAR Pinty Series officials to cancel the morning practice session. This caused the afternoon qualifying session to become a shorter practice session and forced officials to create a starting grid based on the points from the 2022 drivers’ championship.

Since Louis-Philippe Montour has only raced a partial season on road courses, he was pushed back down the 23-car starting grid. “We started 18the” explained the driver of the #13 Kamloop | GL Électricité-Automation | Management or Concept car. Third gear kept failing, so I had to hold the gear lever in place while driving, from the start of the practice session.

The Dumoulin Competition technicians tried to fix the problem during the break between practice and the race: “It worked for five laps, then the problem came back! As we used third gear for more than 70% of the track distance, I had to drive single-handed for most of the race.” Despite that complication, Louis-Philippe Montour was able to work his way up the field in a methodical and intelligent manner. He had some good battles on the 1.8km track where overtaking is difficult.

“I lost 3dr team completely with 15 minutes left in the race and had to jump between 2North Dakota for 4the gear. We still managed to finish the race in 11the position, thanks to some good overtaking early in the race and making the most of the gears that were still working at the end.”

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For Louis-Philippe Montour, this race was very important because ICAR is his home circuit. “My family, friends and associates were there to support me. I would like to thank you for coming. Although the result does not reflect our efforts, I hope I gave you a good show as I made my way through the field!”

The driver of #13 Kamloop | GL Électricité-Automation | The Gestion Or Concept car will make its fifth NASCAR Pinty’s race at the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park next weekend. He started his Pinty’s season at this Ontario track with an impressive 5the-place finish. This time, he’s aiming for a podium position!

Dumoulin Competition can count on the support of Kamloop to keep the team healthy throughout the season.

In addition to the on-track partnership, Louis-Philippe Montour and Dumoulin Competition also work together on team logistics. In fact, Kamloop The products will enable the team to streamline food-related processes and deliver even fresher nutrition during events. You can read the full article here.

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