Looking for a sports bar to watch MSU football? Start with these six

There’s a certain energy in Reno’s East on days when the Michigan State University Spartans play football, says Jessie Stipcak.

Fans react to an MSU score during the first half of the Michigan State Spartans' Final Four game against Texas Tech on Saturday, April 6, 2019, at Reno's East in East Lansing.

Stipcak, who now owns the Abbot Road sports bar, was an MSU student when she started working there as a waitress in 1996, and the energy on an MSU football Saturday has been the same every fall since.

A lot of Michigan State fans at a bar means “a lot of energy,” he said. “They are very lively.”

Therein lies the appeal of local sports bars on MSU game days, according to those who own or work in them.

If you’re not watching from inside Spartan Stadium during the home opener on September 2, the right sports bar offers food, drinks and a great seat in a community setting.

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