Local youth soccer teams gear up for the season at Maine Jamboree hosted by Bronco Youth Football

HAMPDEN, Maine (WABI) – Soccer is back!

Sunday saw the return of youth soccer as four local teams battled it out on the field of play in a series of preseason games to prepare for the upcoming season.

Hermon, Brewer, Hampden and Nokomis 5th and 6th grade tackle teams took to the field for the first ever Maine Jamboree hosted by Bronco Youth Football.

This type of scrimmage is something we are told is the norm in the South. And potentially a budding Maine tradition.

“It was incredible. You know, it’s something we’re proud of. Proud to have met. I think the children had a lot of fun and learned a lot. So this is something that I know the intention is to continue to do every year. Hopefully we continue to grow and hopefully one day soon we’ll have every Maine team here,” said Brent Adkins of Bronco Youth Football.

The teams played a series of twenty-minute games structured so that each team had the ball for ten minutes at a time.

Starting in the 40s at every push, they looked to get as much as they could out of every rep.

“It is a great opportunity. It’s a really exciting practice where we get to play against teams and other collared jerseys, so we try to treat it that way. The coaches had to be on the field and instructing the kids and we certainly saw an improvement as the day went on,” said Scott Flagg of Brewer Football.

While it was certainly competitive, the day was ultimately about teaching and having fun.

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The controlled scrimmage structure gave coaches the opportunity to slow down the game to help their players learn and keep them safe.

“Slowing them down, getting them back to the line and showing exactly where they were supposed to step and how they were supposed to approach their man helps a lot,” said Jay Demchak of Nokomis Football.

With the season starting early, players got their first look at playing against other teams.

“It gave us the opportunity to see all 23 players on our soccer team play offense and defense. It gave us an insight into the future of our team,” Hermon Football Coach Joshua Kelsey said.

These players are excited about the upcoming season.

When asked how many touchdowns he would score next season, Hampden running back Brody Spann responded with the utmost confidence.

“A million,” Spann said along with numerous teammates who backed up his prediction.

Whether you are a player, coach or fan, I think we can all agree that we are grateful for the return of football.

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