List of Netflix shows canceled in 2022 and shows at risk of cancellation

Statistics indicate that Netflix is ​​not as enthusiastic about the cancellations as some may suggest. They are in line with most of their rivals.

The year 2021 saw a lot of Netflix cancellations.

Several other shows, including Ozark, Dead to Me, Grace and Frankie, and Family Reunion, have seasons due in 2022. We’re not including them because we feel the cancellations and series finale should be listed separately.

Netflix shows canceled in 2022 and shows at risk of cancellation

Netflix anime that has been canceled

Numerous anime productions were reported to be shelved after Netflix’s first quarter results. Among them are initiatives that were in production as well as those that were already in force.

Among the projects that were canceled are:

  • antiracist baby
  • Bone
  • blessings and curses
  • CentaurWorld (Season 2)
  • dino nursery
  • Space Kung-Fu Strike
  • Pearl
  • the fools
  • work and problems
  • Fire wings
  • With kind regards from kindergarten

Netflix shows that will be canceled in 2022

demonic resident

Resident Evil received negative reviews. Many people criticized the show for turning the legendary horror property into a teen drama, indicating that not enough people watched it to support a second season.

The first few weeks of the show’s stats were great, but after that things quickly took a turn for the worse.

force q

Controversial LGBTQ-focused cartoon series Q-Force ended in September 2021 with a groan, meaning it wasn’t renewed for a Season 2, but secretly cancelled. The decision to cancel it was finally made public in a podcast.

First murder

After a promising start, Netflix’s new vampire LGBTQ show quickly declined, as evidenced by metrics like top 10 hourly numbers and completion data, leading to its stealthy cancellation after 2 months.

Despite losing viewers, the show gained a dedicated following on social media who are struggling to revive it elsewhere.

The chair

Officially, we haven’t learned anything about the status of The Chair yet, but based entirely on how the show has performed, we can infer that it’s not coming back.

Since the show’s star, Sandra Oh, told sources in early 2022 that she thinks it won’t happen, we think she won’t be back.

the midnight gospel

This creative adult anime series, developed by Pendleton Ward and Duncan Trussell, takes you on a journey to surreal worlds within the show’s simulator universe. Due to its offbeat nature, it may not have attracted the wider audience needed to finance a second season.

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adventure beast

Adventure Beast’s return to Netflix is ​​”unlikely” according to one of the show’s producers, as we originally learned. He’d apologize if he didn’t even watch the animated series which was added to Netflix in late 2021, but despite the great feedback, the show isn’t anticipated to return.


The creator of the popular Call My Agent! show on Netflix, Fanny Herrero, also created the French series Standing Up. Unfortunately, there will not be a second season on Netflix, even if it is planned.

space force

Before the second season of Space Force was available on Netflix, the future of the show may have already been determined. The project had to make significant budget cuts and relocate to Vancouver to save costs.

Sadly, the top 10 numbers indicate that the show didn’t meet Netflix’s standards, so the suspension was lifted at the end of April.

raising dion

The second season of the show, which first premiered in October 2019, took more than two and a half years to appear on Netflix. Unfortunately, its ratings weren’t strong enough to support the third season.

Another Life Season 3

It was never a question of whether Netflix will cancel Another Life; it was simply a question of when.

Based on a tweet from Katie Sackhoff that strongly suggested the show’s ending, we can assume that Netflix had already canceled the series in December 2021.

This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that Another Life has been canceled despite its devoted fanbase. Viewers and critics alike were unimpressed with the show, and Netflix was simply unwilling to spend any more money on it due to its low following.


Gentefied, which may have defied the odds to make it to a second season, was canceled in early January 2022 after failing to receive a third season renewal.

It made it to the top 10 of the US Netflix TV charts, but only for nine days before falling off.

In the comedy series, three Latino cousins ​​attempt to carry on their grandfather’s ambition by operating a taco stand in a rapidly changing region.

file 81

An Archive 81 original horror series, which evolved into a podcast series of the same name, was one of the best new shows on Netflix in 2022.

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Although the show made it to the top 10 on Netflix, there are indications that Archive 81’s early cancellation may have been caused by a drop in viewing between episodes.

Very smart

Pretty Smart, which had its initial premiere in October 2021, struggled to gain a following (a common problem for Netflix multi-camera sitcoms), and on April 27 it was reported that it would be canceled along with the announcement that Emily Osment had now been a full time Young Sheldon.

At the border

In September 2021, a covert launch of this Netflix collaboration with France’s Canal+ took place on the service. Sadly, despite having Elisabeth Shue as the lead, the show didn’t make much of an impact.

Without a response to an Instagram comment, we may never have known the show had been quietly cancelled.

alien tv

Australia’s children’s TV show Ixbee, Pixbee and Squee has been available on Netflix for two seasons.

In early 2022, we found out that the show would not be returning. The creators of the show made a point of emphasizing that there is still room for more episodes in the future.


Diablero, a Netflix original series from Mexico, had two seasons, the most recent of which debuted in 2022. Sadly, we have only heard that Netflix has canceled it and will not return for a third season.

cooking with paris

It turns out that Paris Hilton’s cooking show didn’t have enough viewership to support a second season, which begs the bigger question of why it was even allowed a series in the first place.

According to a source, Netflix decided not to give Cooking with Paris a second season even though it spent five days in the top 10 in Australia and one day in Canada. It did not make the top 10 charts in the US.

In her opulent kitchen, the media personality prepared simple meals for her celebrity guests, who included Kim Kardashian West, Nikki Glaser, Demi Lovato and Lele Pons.

The series has a score of 34 on Metacritic and a score of 5.3 on IMDb.

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