Lindsay Lohan’s Netflix Christmas Movie ‘Falling for Christmas’ Trailer Will Change Cinema As We Know It

If you, like me, are a millennial on the fringes of Generation Z, Christmas came early this morning, in the form of the first trailer for Netflix’s highly anticipated new Christmas movie, falling in love with christmas. But this isn’t some cheesy old Netflix Christmas movie being released to the streamer alongside the dozens of other originals each year. This one has a secret weapon, a presence so captivating even Netflix’s faithful Vanessa Hudgens can’t compete. She is the most tenacious redhead in the world: Lindsay Lohan.

That’s how it is. Can you hear me! Grab your classic iPod. Open your windows to sing to the birds. The sun is shining and we have turned back the clock to a much simpler time. It is 2006. The dawn of Lohanaissance is upon us. Rejoice, rejoice, Emmanuel (or whatever they say in that song; I don’t know, it wasn’t on either of Lindsay Lohan’s two studio albums)!

falling in love with christmas it’s Lohan’s first major movie role since 2013’s much-maligned (and misunderstood) one. The cannons—if you don’t count his 2019 werewolf movie D, Between shadowswhich no one does. Netflix clearly knows that her return to the screen will be a treat for viewers, as evidenced by Lohan removing a sleep mask from her face to reveal herself in the trailer’s intro, which I guess would lead to howls and screams if this were shown in theaters. . .

Lohan stars in the film as Sierra Belmont, a spoiled hotel heiress who is fed up with her titanium card status. “When people look at me, all they see is the spoiled daughter of a hotel magnate,” she laments in the opening trailer. “I just want people to remember me by more than just my last name!”

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When Sierra’s boyfriend proposes to her on a luxury ski trip on top of a windy mountain, she evidently gets her wish. As he is down on one knee, she is blown down the slopes by a gust of wind. didn’t you just hatred when does that happen? When she wakes up, the memory of her is completely gone. With nowhere to go, a blue-collar hotel owner (Chord Overstreet) offers to put Sierra up until, hopefully, someone finds her to remind her of who she is.

If that sounds like The water on the slopes, that’s because it is. But what’s wrong with that? Nicole Kidman comes to an AMC theater for the magic, and I come to Netflix during the holidays for warm, family-friendly stories I’ve seen 1,000 times before. And that’s exactly what we’re getting here, with a Christmas tree on every corner, copious amounts of artificial snow, and enough red flannel to wrap up the Taj Mahal.

As time passes, Sierra begins to realize that perhaps simple comforts are all she really wants in life. “Sometimes, you can’t rush things,” Lohan says in the trailer, as she slow dances with Overstreet, whose name remains anonymous in the clip. This is Lohan’s show, we’ll get to you in trailer 2, blonde!

But for what it’s worth, Lohan and Overstreet’s chemistry is already off the charts. They worked together on an episode of Happiness, after all, and a bond forged by Ryan Murphy lasts forever, whether you like it or not. Still, Lohan steals every frame of this trailer, instantly reminding us why he was a star in the early years. He seems like he hasn’t lost an iota of that magnetism, showing off some fabulous comedic timing and physical comedy chops from him in the trailer.

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Finish it all off with Bad Girlsnod the size of a jazz version of “Jingle Bell Rock” (which I’m 99.3% sure Lohan sings), and falling in love with christmas could have the most moving trailer of the year.

Watching Lohan jump through a light-hearted romantic comedy, to the just my luckIt is precisely what the doctor ordered. But whether it will be enough for Sierra Belmont to regain her memory is a question that only falling in love with christmas can answer when it hits Netflix on November 10.

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