Leverage technology to build reliability and same-day delivery at scale

Changes in consumer demand coupled with global supply chain disruptions present a unique challenge to businesses. Consumers expect faster delivery and businesses of all sizes must compete for their attention.

Companies often struggle to create ultra-reliable last-mile solutions without linking regional partners or managing a fleet of their own, both of which are costly in time and overhead.

Amazon’s recent growth of its same-day delivery services and Walmart’s expansion of its online fulfillment centers enable same-day delivery to millions of Americans. These logistics powerhouses are focused on expanding their own supply chains in response to tightening consumer demand, leaving companies scrambling to keep up.

If they don’t have their own internal supply chain, companies must find and join partnerships with disparate regional carriers across the country, offering varying delivery speeds, degrees of reliability, and transparency. These conventional routes of building a shipping business take years and require a large investment in transportation infrastructure. As a result, many companies have found that traditional ways of doing business don’t allow for quick responses to changes in the marketplace.

However, there is a new offering that addresses reliability, scale, and speed. Mothership’s same-day freight marketplace injects modern software into an industry still lagging behind in technology adoption, opening doors for shippers to enter new markets directly and create consistent, reliable service with low overhead rates Of Damage.

“What we can do is help customers build a reliable transportation network with low damage rates and costs,” said Russell Hoch, Mothership’s vice president of sales. “They don’t need to buy their own fleet of trucks and they don’t need to maintain a proper pool of carriers.”

Through the technology platform, customers can take advantage of the reliability of a nationwide same-day delivery network while reducing the risks associated with managing a fleet or traditional LTL carrier partnerships. Hoch’s previous experiences at XPO Logistics and GXO Logistics made him acutely aware of the many inefficiencies in the freight market and at Mothership, and he is working to bring the last mile into the future.

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Mothership’s growing network of more than 26,000 box trucks in the US enables companies to deliver to nearly 10,000 zip codes, serving 122 million people nationwide without having to build any additional infrastructure.

Same-day local ordering and delivery possible in 37 major US metropolitan areas, including Los Angeles, Dallas-Fort Worth, New York, Chicago, and Miami. Businesses can bundle same-day delivery with select features that enable them to provide recipients with a seamless and convenient delivery experience.

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“Everyone faces the same challenge: Not every location you pick up or drop off from has a dock, and therefore you need a liftgate,” Hoch said. “When you get into more residential areas, it is very difficult to maneuver much larger tractors with 53-foot or even small trailers. [small trailers] in tow.”

Whether it’s a warehouse with loading docks or a residence, every delivery location has its unique challenges. Equipping all of Mothership’s box trucks with liftgates ensures consistency and the ability to overcome those delivery challenges and reduce the risk of damage.

Mothership creates consistency and reliability in a disjointed and murky industry. In addition to providing strong local networks, the company also provides shippers with the real-time tracking they need to keep customers happy and informed.

From the moment loads are matched, last-mile efficiency begins. Instead of partnering with uncompromising carriers or resorting to expensive freight boards for last-minute orders, shipments are automatically assigned to nearby trucks.

Once a carrier offers a load, the system automatically adds routes and trucks are instantly shipped to carriers without the need to negotiate rates. This means cargo loads quickly, and in turn increases on-time percentages by eliminating round trips. Advances in real-time location data and the adoption of smartphones have made live tracking of all shipments possible on the same day. This gives carriers and customers the ability to reliably know the location of their cargo in real time. Carriers, shippers and consignees stay up to date.

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(Photo: José Agustín)

“We make sure cargo is picked up on time and delivered on time,” Hoch said. “At the same time, we also reduce the possibility of cargo damage or loss.”

Mothership’s tracking technology provides one-step visibility into the supply chain that often comes with vague updates and lost freight.

Through the automated routing feature, optimal routes are generated in seconds, so carriers serve more customers in less time. Automated routing and optimization enables same-day delivery and enables Mothership carriers to maintain a 99% on-time delivery rate.

Instead of making countless phone calls to pinpoint the location of shipments, shippers can track shipments from pickup to delivery in real time on a single dashboard. They can see trucks moving along optimized and automated routes on a map and see updates as soon as the trucks arrive at each new location.

In the event of changes or delays, senders can be notified immediately and see the status change in their activity log. This is fully accessible to your consignees, including warehouse managers, reducing the need for manual updates.

“Mothership brings technology to a technology-poor industry,” said Timothy Fehr, chief operating officer of Happy Returns, who found Mothership when the company was looking for transportation partners that could meet its needs. “We explored the Mothership platform, played around with the quotes, and the rates turned out to be profitable.”

By facilitating simple and intuitive freight matching, with the flexibility of same-day delivery, Mothership helps shippers achieve the reliability that will allow them to grow their business in new markets across the country.

To learn more about Mothership, visit their website.

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