LeBron James has a message for Manti Te’o after the Netflix documentary about his catfishing scandal

a decade ago, Manti Te’o made headlines as a national joke and disgraced sports figure, after it emerged that his girlfriend, who had allegedly died the same day as his grandmother and to whose memory he dedicated his senior year of Notre Dame football, had never existed. During the last two weeks, the The former NFL linebacker’s catfishing story It’s back in the news, but this time for a completely different reason. Netflix delved into the story in its documentary Untold: The Bride That Wasn’tand its reception has been massive, even prompting some kind words from NBA star LeBron James.

Untold: The Bride That Wasn’t it has resonated with a lot of people and given new context to what the Notre Dame student-athlete went through in 2012 and 2013. Manti Te’o spoke about the overwhelming response he has received, thanking everyone for sharing their own stories and sending love to him and his family. It seems that even King James found time to look at the document which is still one of The best Netflix movies since its premiere on August 16, because on August 27, LeBron James tweeted:

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