Learn Blockchain technology to build a futuristic career

Blockchain Information flows in global digital networks.  3D
Blockchain Information flows in global digital networks.

Globally, blockchain spending is expected to rise to $15.9 billion by 2023, according to Statista.

In recent years, blockchain technology has become a phenomenal technology. The novel attributes of blockchain technology are making business processes more efficient, more secure and more transparent and are taking the industry in a new ‘decentralized’ direction. Other block chain technologiesincluding cryptocurrencies, Dapps and digital wallets, are giving rise to new markets.

Blockchain is the hot topic in the industry right now as more organizations use the technology to improve their business operations and process payments between multiple customers. Modern organizations are preparing to use blockchain technology in the midst of the global pandemic. Many countries are exploring the blockchain option to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, especially in the supply chain, food, healthcare, and employment network.

To explore the business benefits of blockchain, business decision makers need to become familiar with the basic principles and practices for leveraging the technology in the enterprise. as the demand for blockchain professionals continues to grow, education sectors and accrediting organizations are modifying their curricula and course materials to familiarize professionals and young learners with the technology.

Many universities, colleges, and certification bodies are trying to fill the sudden need for blockchain professionals. They are introducing certifications and educational courses to introduce students to this technology.


Studies show that 42 percent of top universities introduced blockchain programs at different levels in 2019. British Columbia in Canada has a separate dedicated research unit on blockchain. Ivy League universities such as Cornell and York University School of Continuing Studies have introduced blockchain courses for students. Many more institutions are starting blockchain educational courses around the world. Likewise, there are certifying bodies such as Blockchain Council, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Central Blockchain Council of America, Simplilearn, Udacity and many more.

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the blockchain certifications provided by these bodies are ideal for C-suite level professionals, decision makers, young professionals, and students working in industries such as finance, law, government, or law.

Certification Providers

Central Blockchain Council of America (CBCA) offers the most advanced certification programs. The CBCA credentials for blockchain professionals cover all blockchain-like blockchain groups and their functions, i.e. investment advisory, business and blockchain application development. CBCA offers three main blockchain certifications such as Business Blockchain Professional (BBP™), Certified Blockchain Engineer (CBE™), and Global Blockchain Leader (GBL).TM) programs.

These programs enable blockchain professionals to become familiar with commercial blockchain concepts, its impact on businesses, advanced concepts for designing the technology for business benefits, and address knowledge and essentials in the blockchain space, including strategy, implementation and governance.

Additionally, MIT Professional Education has introduced a blockchain course: Blockchain: Disruptive Technology, for CIOs, CTOs, CEOs, technical professionals, entrepreneurs, and functional managers. Participants can understand the technological and business forces that led to the rise of technology; analyze the impact of blockchain in all industries; master the fundamentals; learn Ethereum blockchain network and get familiar with blockchain applications in industries.

Similarly, the Blockchain Council offers blockchain certifications that are specific to industries. Certifications provide in-depth knowledge of the basics of blockchain. The certifications focus on specializations such as Smart contracts, Quorum, Hyperledger, Corda and others. They are specific to industries like supply chain, healthcare, digital marketing, etc.

Most certifications are available online, making it easy for you to work simultaneously. As they are also self-paced, it allows you to work at your leisure and get familiar with the knowledge easily.

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In conclusion…

These credentials validate your skills and knowledge that are specific to technology and industries as appropriate and enhance your candidacy for a career with reputable organizations. While all of these ways are available, it’s up to you to choose the best platforms that provide self-paced online training and expert advice, along with globally recognized credentials. This would help you stand out from the competition and get through the interview with flying colors.

Learn blockchain, the current trending technology, and the future is bright as more organizations adopt the technology for business benefits. Get acquainted with blockchain knowledge and build a futuristic career.

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