Leading Remote Cardiac Monitoring Company Acquires IP Technology to Power Its Strong Product Portfolio

BRAINTREE, Massachusetts., September 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — PrepMD RMS, the leading cardiac clinical solutions company, today announced the acquisition of the intellectual property and technology assets of LindaCare, a digital health company specializing in remote monitoring.

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Founded in 2015, PrepMD RMS provides personalized remote cardiac monitoring, in-office staffing, and digital healthcare training solutions to clinics ranging from 20 to more than 16,000 remotely monitored patients. The acquired IP enables PrepMD RMS to continue to provide the broadest service and technology-based solutions and reinforce its leadership position in the remote monitoring space. PrepMD RMS offers a highly intuitive clinician-designed SaaS platform that requires minimal onboarding time and offers a variety of customization options. Additional features, including best-in-class reporting and physician approval capabilities, enable clinics to streamline workflow and improve patient care. Cardiology clinics have the flexibility to subscribe to this standalone software or have a dedicated IBHRE® certified PrepMD RMS team working within the platform to remotely monitor their patients, all with no upfront costs.

“The remote cardiac device monitoring market is growing significantly with clinicians around the world striving to provide higher standards of care for their patients. With this IP acquisition, PrepMD RMS empowers its customers with an advanced technology solution expanded and improved CIED remote monitoring,” said Matt O’Neal, co-founder and CEO of PrepMD RMS. “PrepMD RMS continues to strengthen its position as a leading provider of cardiac clinical solutions offering best-in-class technologies and services to clinicians.”

Cardiology clinics face challenges in recruiting and training technical teams to manage CIED’s remote monitoring load. With an increasing need for a variety of technology and service needs in the cardiac device space, PrepMD RMS has clearly positioned itself as a leading provider of a complete portfolio of solutions.

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About PrepMD RMS

Founded in 2015, PrepMD RMS is the leading cardiac clinical solutions company, combining expert human capital and technological innovation to address the complex challenges facing cardiology offices and major healthcare systems. As the one-stop shop for device clinics of all sizes, PrepMD RMS offers a portfolio of cardiac device software and service-based solutions. The IBHRE®The PrepMD RMS certified team currently monitors more than 100,000 patients in the US The global parent company, PrepMD, has educated more than 1,000 cardiac device professionals since its inception in 2009, and is an established leader in training of cardiac medical devices for corporations and individuals.

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