Leadership Changes at Vibrantz Technologies | plastics technology

Vibrant Technologies leadership role changes in September 2022.

Photo Credit: Vibrantz Technologies

Houston-based Vibrantz Technologies Corp., formed earlier this year through the acquisitions of Ferro and Chromaflo by Prince International Corporation, a portfolio company of American Securities LLC, is undergoing some key leadership changes. The company is comprised of three business segments:

▪ Color solutions: dry powder pigments, pigment dispersions and liquid colorants for the paints and coatings, thermosetting and thermoplastic plastics and construction markets.

▪ Advanced Materials: Specialty mineral and chemical additives for end uses, such as alkaline and lithium-ion batteries, electronic components, building and construction, agriculture and animal nutrition, and foundries.

▪ Performance Coatings: high performance glass coatings and porcelain enamel solutions for coatings, glass and other manufacturers.

Key changes include the retirement of Scott Becker, president of Color Solutions. Color Solutions’ new president is Barry Misquitta, former president of the Advanced Materials business. David Newton, previously vice president of the specialty minerals and battery materials division within the company’s Advanced Materials segment, has assumed the role of president of Advanced Materials.

Becker has more than 40 years of experience in the colorant space. Prior to Vibrantz, he was CEO of Chromaflo Technologies, the company he founded in 2012 and which was acquired by American Securities in 2016. Prior to that, he was CEO of Plasticolors, Inc., a privately held colorant company serving coatings industrial. and the thermoset plastics markets from 1999 to 2012. He was also president of Elementis Specialties from 1996 to 1999 and was with Pfizer Pigments early in his career. Said D. Michael Wilson, President and CEO of Vibrantz, “Scott has been instrumental in the success of what is now the Vibrantz Color Solutions segment and an integral member of our team since we became a new company in April 2022. His involvement in the color solutions space while at Ferro and his experiences living and working abroad make him a natural choice to lead our global color solutions segment.”

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Misquitta, prior to Vibrantz, was Vice President and CCO at Ferro, first joining the company in 1999. He has a Ph.D. in chemistry from Louisiana State University and an MBA from Cleveland State University.

Newton, prior to Vibrantz, spent more than 12 years at Ingevity Corporation, which he first joined in 2010 and where he most recently served as Vice President of Corporate Strategy and Renewable Energy Projects from 2020 to 2022, serving as the spearhead for the search for technology to drive company growth. initiatives. He has an MBA in finance from the University of North Carolina Kenan-Flagler School of Business and a BS and MS in civil engineering from Clemson University.


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