Lancaster PA tech startup “Presales Leader LLC” celebrates 1 year and announces move to accommodate growth

Presales Leader LLC, a Lancaster, Pennsylvania The new technology consulting company celebrates its first full year in business and announces its move to larger facilities in Lancaster City. “Over the past year, we’ve helped our clients close more $8 million in net new business, much of which is recurring to them in future years. From my perspective, we’re just getting started,” said Pre-Sales Leader founder, jeremy potoka.

LANCASTER, PA, August 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The new office space is approximately 5 times larger than the previous space in from Lancaster East End and will give the pre-sales leader the ability to continue to grow while giving on-site staff the ability to better collaborate on a daily basis.

The team has grown since its founder in August 2021 to 5 employees in one year, and is on track to continue that same rate of growth over the next year. “We spent the first part of our first year taking great care of our first dozen clients and putting our core team in place. Over the past year, we’ve helped our clients close more $8 million in net new business, much of which is recurring subscription revenue that they will retain for many years to come. From my perspective, we’re just getting started,” said jeremy potokaFounder of Presales Leader and Principal Solution Architect.

“A year ago, I left a job I really liked because I had an idea for a new kind of presales-as-a-service consulting company that would help software companies and resellers sell their software,” said Jeremy. “There are a lot of tech companies out there with great products, but they struggle to effectively demonstrate how their software can help potential end users. We now have the data to support our model, which pre-sales-as-a-service and product-marketing-as-a-service it can often be a better, faster, and more cost-effective way to grow your software business rather than hiring more W-2 employees.”

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According to the Presales Lead Team, Lancaster City has proven to be a wonderful place to start and grow a business. Having a physical location close to home allows employees to achieve a good work-life balance. easy access to Philadelphia and NYC via Amtrak, as well as quick access to MDT and BWI for air travel allows Presales Leader to support customers across the country, sometimes on-site.

For media inquiries, please contact jeremy potoka a [email protected]

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Learn more about Leader Presales products and services on their website here and follow the presale leader on LinkedIn. You can follow Jeremy on LinkedIn here.

About Presales Leader LLC

Most technology resellers and software publishers have a hard time demonstrating their solutions. This often leads to long sales cycles, low win rates, and higher discounts. Presales Leader products and services help businesses win more deals so they can continue to grow. We do this primarily in two ways: 1) presales as a service and 2) product marketing as a service. Training opportunities and speaker engagements are also available as complementary services.


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