Lakewood football seeks quicker end in front of home crowd

HEBRON — The Lakewood football team has yet to host a four-quarter game this season, but starting has been no problem, illustrating the Lancers’ preparation during the week and their energy on Friday nights.

The Lancers (0-3) started fast again last Friday against visiting Fairfield Union, scoring immediately on junior Adam Crawford’s 54-yard touchdown pass to classmate Isaiah Mitchell. Mitchell previously was the spark in Week 2, returning a first-quarter kickoff for a score.

“Getting four quarters right now is obviously the goal, but we know we can play anybody in the first half,” Lakewood coach John Poulnott said. “He’s trying to find depth on our limited roster. Our defense has played pretty well in the first half, the first three quarters, but we’re wearing thin. It shows when the game is over.”

The Falcons eventually took a 13-7 lead, but the Lancers responded early in the second quarter with Crawford’s 10-yard TD pass to senior Josh Hicks. Hicks finished with four receptions for 76 yards and nine rushes for 54 yards.

The Lancers trailed just 20-13 at halftime, the third time in as many weeks they’ve been within a score with a half to play. They, however, succumbed to Fairfield Union’s multifaceted running game, falling 34-19.

“We need to stay with it the whole game,” Hicks said. “We’re getting tired and giving up, giving up. We need to stay strong throughout the game and we can pull it off.”

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