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Lakewood, CO, September 7, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Lakewood, CO, September 6, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — KRTL Holding Group, Inc. (OTC:KRTL), an innovator and pioneer in the development of industry-leading crossovers -over tradecraft and proprietary technology and methodology in the hemp, cannabis, psilocybin and alternative wellness sectors, is pleased to announce that its wholly-owned subsidiary, KRTL Biotech (“KRTL”), has signed a strategic alliance for the exclusive deployment of a state-of-the-art mobile extraction plant with Entexs Corporation (“Entexs”), a Made in EE.UU. industry-leading cannabis and hemp extraction manufacturer focusing on advanced closed-loop solutions and creator of best-in-class THC remediation technology, and with Iron Sight Industries (“Iron Sight”), an agtech company and veteran-owned agricultural logistics with industry-leading experience in rapidly deploying mobile systems modeled after the US military special operations, which they used to great effect in the South Dakota oil fracking industry , and scientific laboratory testing of hemp and cannabis in several states and specializing in commercial extraction.

Entexs has solved key issues that often make mobile mining platforms uncommercially viable by developing a closed-loop mining system capable of handling up to 2,000 pounds of biomass per day, designed for off-grid and remote environments. with tracking power source, clean-in-place systems, and remote operation via mobile app and digital interface.

KRTL’s partnership with Entexs and Iron Sight to implement this incredibly disruptive technology developed exclusively for KRTL expands the reach of KRTL’s US operations across the country. KRTL’s ability to create a unique methodology through multi-disciplinary teams on a combined proprietary end product and connect it with KRTL’s significant portfolio of end distributors has created incredible revenue generating potential. This combination of strategic elements also sets KRTL apart in the marketplace, combining the legal, banking and compliance expertise of nationwide operations under the KRTL public company, with the operational efficiency and physical security of the trained rapid deployment team. military-owned by Iron Sight, and with KRTL, Entexs’ high-performance, rugged turnkey mobile system, has designed a solution that greatly reduces risk for investors while maximizing access to future hemp, cannabis and psilocybin opportunities. .

KRTL expects to finalize early launch deployment contracts in New Jersey, Oregon, Washington and California, with more to follow. The strength of the KRTL model is that they can move quickly where the demand is greatest. Since cannabis-based THC products cannot legally cross state lines, KRTL can go directly to them, produce end products like THC distillate and isolate, and wholesale or further refine into high-end vape cartridges. concentration/potency while in the state. This also allows them to react quickly and take advantage of newly regulated markets as they come online, being one of the first state-to-state extraction solutions as more legalize recreational marijuana and bring hemp-based extraction demand to market.

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At full capacity, KRTL expects to be able to produce more than 8,500 liters of mid-potency full-spectrum or high-potency broad-spectrum THC distillate per year per extraction unit. This equates to approximately 8,500,000 grams of high strength retail vape formulations, generating a potential of over $200 million in annual sales.

“We are incredibly excited about this opportunity, a brick and mortar quarrying lab typically takes 12-18 months to get up and running once all the funding and vendors are in place, then it is restricted to a geographic region. If that region’s supply or demand lines dry up or become overly saturated, as we’ve seen happen in the Oregon and California markets, that’s a lot of overhead to keep increasing risk to stakeholders. By creating a solution and methodology to rapidly insert into remote legalized states for hemp and cannabis production, we significantly reduce stakeholder risk and maximize revenue-generating potential. What’s even more powerful is that the methodologies that KRTL has developed, intersect directly with psilocybin, meaning that this extraction solution can be deployed for psilocybin extraction as recreational psilocybin begins to legalize, quickly taking advantage of those first booming markets – this is really the first of their kind model,” said Daniel Ball, CEO of KRTL.

Mr. Ball added: “I have worked with many extraction manufacturers over the years, including some of the best names in the terpene extraction and distillation business, and I am absolutely impressed with the precision of the engineering and state-of-the-art features Entexs has brought together in its product line What is usually a multi-unconnected process affair that begins with extracting biomass into crude oil, then moving that crude through a winterizing or distillation process or to a separate isolation process with multiple bins and physically separate stations, it all comes together in a continuous one button closed loop end-to-end system push process.You start with biomass at one end and you have high quality distillate at the other”.

Emil Bayan, COO at Entexs, added: “We’ve been working on a mobile prototype for some time, but it was always meant to be used internally for a pull-as-a-service model, when Daniel approached us for a partnership and laid out what KRTL had in mind operationally, it was a doddle to make our first production unit available for your exclusive use, we have changed the hemp and cannabis extraction game with our closed loop technology for traditional stationary equipment, we are excited to bring that same disruptive spirit to the design of this industry-first solution for KRTL.”

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About KRTL Holding Group, Inc.

KRTL is a holding company interested in diversifying risk and accessing new markets. The Company operates its wholly owned subsidiaries, KRTL Biotech, Inc. and KRTL International Corp., with precision and excellence and continues to build and strengthen KRTL’s reputation. This allows KRTL Holding Group, Inc. to capitalize on any range of investment opportunities. Our organization values ​​collaboration and emphasizes a transparent work environment. Additional information about KRTL is available online at and and

About Entexs Corporation

ENTEXS provides world-class technology with custom in-house manufacturing to constantly evolve and develop machinery for the needs of the hemp and cannabis markets. Its patent-pending technology is a hands-free, continuous-feed, closed-loop system with no winterization required that increases the productivity, yields and quality of every high-capacity, industrial-scale extraction. In addition to complete systems, ENTEXS offers a catalog of extraction components to include post-processing technologies and supports system customers with services such as installation, site review, field verification, permitting, operation and more.

About Iron Sight Industries

IRON SIGHTstarted in the industry helping launch one of Oregon’s first fully accredited cannabis and hemp testing labs, shaping state regulations and policies while building relationships with the industry across the state. Iron Sight used that experience to improve and refine the strategies they use in their company today. Under the banner of Iron Sight, the company has developed proprietary methods and technology to positively affect the supply line, logistics, sales, and transportation of various specialty crops using blockchain, web3, AI, and microsensors. Iron Sight’s founding team has deep military experience in the intelligence and special operations community and uses that experience to shape operations and trade by creating highly specialized and unique solutions in the hemp, cannabis and specialty crop markets.

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