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*Caveat – sensitive and disturbing content is in this post *

I’m as lonely as they come right now.

Tinder co-founders sue former parent company for $2 billion

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No suitors, no flirtations, no handkerchiefs or pankys; not even a connection partner in sight!

As a result, many people have suggested to me that I should “sign up for one of the zillions of dating apps.”

Here’s why dating apps and online dating in general scare me.

This entire Jeffrey Dahmer documentary on Netflix has served as a sobering reminder that just because dating apps exist doesn’t mean you should use them.

It scares me that someone could be so poorly connected and yet not be caught for over a decade.

I know what you’re thinking, “didn’t he lure his victims online?”

After meeting someone online, what usually happens? You go to a nearby bar or restaurant to meet face to face and see if there is a real connection.

Guess where Jeffrey lured his victims? That’s right, the bar.

Online dating right now ensures that people, like Jeffrey, will have someone at the bar specifically waiting for them.

Jeffrey was able to hide his true intentions from dozens of victims. To me, trusting my senses when all I get is a few text messages seems risky.

Part of this is also related to the fact that I have already had a bad experience with online dating.



“What’s happening?”

“Not too much. I just got home from work. You?”

You would never know that this exact online exchange almost ended the need to file a restraining order years ago.

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People like this, the one I meet, someone like Dahmer, are really good at hiding their true personalities. They are also very good at hiding their horrible intentions.

Online dating makes it so much easier to hide that secret identity long enough until it’s too late.

Jeffrey Dahmer ate the hearts of his victims. This is not a metaphor. This was the physical act that he performed.

Am I being too cautious? Yes.

But I’d rather be overly cautious than regret this kind of situation.

If online dating is for you, by all means: swipe, like, super like.

But Jeffrey Dahmer was clearly misconnected and others might be too.

Just stay safe.

Because Jeffrey Dahmer isn’t the only killer out there:

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