Jefferson County Chamber to house electric vehicle chargers

PORT TOWNSEND — The Jefferson County Chamber will house electric vehicle chargers, eventually offering charging for 10 vehicles, now that two grants have been awarded.

The chamber announced the grants on the eve of its inaugural EV Expo on Saturday from 10 am to 3 pm at the chamber’s office, 2409 Jefferson St., Port Townsend.

“A lot of organizations were involved in this,” Arlene Alen, the chamber’s executive director, said of the two grants.

The grants were acquired through the collaboration of the chamber, the Climate Action Committee (CAC) and the City of Port Townsend EV Task Force and their collaboration with FORTH Inc., EV Charging Solutions, Cyan Strategies, Jefferson Healthcare, Jefferson Public Utility District and ZEV Co.-op.

The state Department of Transportation’s Zero Emissions Access Program (ZAP) grant will fund a high-speed charger that will hopefully be ready for the chamber’s council of readers by the end of the year, Alen said.

It will be a charger with two heads. One will have a shared ride car.

“If you need to drive a car and you don’t have one, you can borrow that vehicle and drive,” Alen said. “You could pick up a car and drop off a bike” for a low hourly rate.

The car would be useful both for residents who rely solely on bikes or buses and for visitors arriving without a car, he said.

At this time, the camera is waiting for an inspection of the site.

A second electric carpool and charging station in Port Townsend are set up for Jefferson Healthcare hospital through this grant, Alen said.

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The ZAP grant is designed to implement a pilot carpooling program in underserved and low-to-moderate-income communities that have limited access to public transportation with clean fuel transportation options, according to a news release.

“The ZEV (Zero Emission Vehicles Cooperative) cooperative is the driving force behind this grant that will serve our community,” Alen said.

“ZEV co-op provides the electric vehicle, insurance, backup system, maintenance and kilowatts so you can be on your way and one of your electric vehicles.”

Another grant that will benefit Port Townsend is the ZEVIP (Zero Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Partnership) Award through FORTH, Inc, a software company, which was awarded by the state Department of Transportation’s Office of Innovative Partnerships.

The $3,950,000 grant is for the West Sound Ferry Cluster.

This grant enables its partners to install and upgrade direct current fast chargers (DCFCs) at six sites along priority corridors in the state.

The West Sound Ferry Cluster includes facilities in Port Townsend, at the chamber’s office, as well as Poulsbo, Bainbridge Island, Kingston, Port Orchard and Vashon Island.

Representatives from the organizations responsible for these two opportunities will participate in the EV Expo, Alen said.

The free public event will offer anywhere from a dozen to maybe as many as two dozen vehicles, from electric cars to electric trucks, electric bikes and trikes, an RV and a camper, a tractor and a taxi.

The camera is also hoping to get a boat for the show.

Sushi, tacos and an ice cream truck will also be on offer along with door prizes and breakout sessions with electric vehicle owners.

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Four expert panels are planned. One will be EV owners. Another will deal with financing. A third will be dedicated to “loading myths and miracles”. And a fourth panel will address the carbon footprint and sustainability.

For additional information, contact [email protected] or 360.385.7869.


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