‘It’s raw’: Emotions remain high as freshman football player struggles with recovery

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. — There is no playbook for this type of trauma.

“It certainly is bleak around the school,” Chad Nyberg, director of activities at Jefferson High School, lamented to WCCO. “It’s your own reality that this could happen to you because it happened to someone close to you, and someone else is going through this, you know.”

The reality remains grim for Ethan Glynn, the 15-year-old freshman who was seriously injured in his first football match In the past week.

In a blog posted on Wednesday, Glynn’s parents said: “Ethan had a long night last night trying to get comfortable and manage his pain. He learned how to use the communication board which helped him tell us what he needs and how he feels. He also Today, Physiotherapy paid a visit to exercise his arms and legs and keep him agile.”

In addition to soccer, Glynn loved to play baseball and hockey; he was the captain of the junior hockey team that participated in the state championships.

“It’s real, it’s fresh and raw and tough,” Nyberg explained. “This is all just a freak accident. There’s nothing that one person did or caused or anything. There’s also raw emotions in that meeting about the things they saw.”

Several counselors have been made available to students at the high school. Nyberg added that coaches have emphasized the message that it is a sign of strength, not weakness, for friends and teammates to share their emotions.

“It’s good to be vulnerable and on your terms. You need to speak up and process.”

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A spokeswoman for Chaska High School, whose freshman team played Jefferson last week, told WCCO:

On behalf of our 9th grade team, our football program, the Chaska High School community, and the entire Eastern Carver County School District, our thoughts are with Ethan and his family following last week’s horrific accident. Our ninth grade players are sending out cards and messages and our Touchdown Club will make a donation to the family. Our coaches and administrators have also been in regular contact with their colleagues at Jefferson to offer our support and will continue to do so. We are all rooting for a full recovery for Ethan.

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