It’s getting darker and earlier ETX, when do we change the clock?

It’s inevitable, it’s going to happen whether you like it or not, but this time change is the best kind of time change because when daylight saving time ends, you’ll get an extra hour of sleep. This is something I know all of us could use!

Heading into the office for the past two weeks and driving east toward the sun, I’ve noticed that it’s farther south than it had been just a few weeks ago. Then, on the way home at night, I notice that it’s getting dark earlier and that means daylight saving time is coming to an end.

Daylight Savings Time will officially end on Sunday, November 6 at 2 a.m.

At which point you need to turn your clock back an hour and hopefully it won’t be like ‘Groundhog Day’ and relive the same time all over again. Or you can just turn your clock back an hour when you go to bed.

The time change seems to be more of an inconvenience to us because our sleep patterns are disrupted in addition to changing our clocks. You don’t realize how many clocks you have at home until you have to reset them due to daylight saving time or if you run out of power. Fortunately, our smart technology will change most of the time for us, but we still have our alarm clocks, the microwave, the coffee maker, sometimes the oven, and various other appliances around the house.

So why do we observe daylight saving time?

Time adjustment dates back to 1918 and World War I to allow people to take advantage of an extra hour of daylight in the summer instead of having to use electricity for lights. Daylight saving time got off to a rocky start as some areas observed it while others did not. It was reinstated during World War II under President Woodrow Wilson and after the war, some areas went back to not observing it. In 1966, Congress created the Standard Time Act which established that clocks change twice a year according to seasonal changes.

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In addition to changing your watch, you should replace these items at the same time.

You should take the time to replace the batteries in your smoke detectors and CO2 monitors in your home and test them while setting your clocks.

Just rejoice in the fact that you’ll get an extra hour of sleep on Sunday, November 6 when we all ‘roll back’!

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