Is Netflix’s ‘Narco-Saints’ Connected to the ‘Narcos’ Franchise?

For viewers looking for their next crime show, Netflix has an exciting K-drama that will certainly fit the bill: Narco-Santos.

The South Korean show is based on a true story and follows a businessman, named Kang In-gu on the show (Ha Jung-woo), who goes undercover to try to catch drug lord Jeon Yo-han (Hwang Jung-min). ) in Suriname, South America.

Netflix viewers may feel like the show’s title reminds them of another franchise, drug dealers Here’s everything you need to know about the new show.

Is Netflix’s ‘Narco-Saints’ Connected to the ‘Narcos’ Franchise?

From left to right: Jo Woo-jin as Byun Kitae, Hwang Jung-min as Jeon Yohan in “Narco-Saints.” The show is set in South America and is based on true events, but is not related to the “Narcos” franchise.
Cho Won Jin/Netflix

In drug dealers, Jeon is operating his illegal drug trade under the guise of a priest and Kang is sent undercover on behalf of the National Intelligence Service to attack the kingpin, after an initial encounter with Jeon lands him in prison with no choice but to accept the position. .

the drug traffickers The franchise, meanwhile, consists of two shows, drug traffickers Y Drug dealers: Mexico. The first follows the investigation of cocaine kingpin Pablo Escobar (Wagner Moura) in Colombia and his successors in the Cali Cartel.

Y Narcos: Mexico explores the origins of the drug war in Mexico and the rise of Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo (Diego Luna), whose illegal drug trade began with the production of marijuana and then escalated to the distribution of cocaine.

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Narco-Santos However, it’s not directly related to any of these shows, and while it follows a drug lord who distributes cocaine from South America to South Korea, it has no tie to the iconic Netflix franchise.

In fact, Narco-Santos it is only based on a true story and the names of the characters have been changed from their real life counterparts, and some of the events that take place in Narco-Santos they have also been dramatized for the purpose of spectacle.

Weather drug traffickers Y Narcos: Mexico it also features some dramatization, the names and events that took place are meant to reflect the events they are based on and both shows trace key historical moments such as Escobar’s death.

The similarity between the show titles appears to be only incidental or potentially Narco-Santos it was named so to entice viewers to tune in because it reminds of Netflix drug traffickers Serie.

Directed by Yoon Jong-bin, the show is sure to appeal to any fans of the filmmaker’s previous work, such as The spy who went north who also stars Narco-Santos Hwang, this time as the hero instead of the villain.

Narco-Santos is action-packed and features a tense game of cat and mouse between Hwang’s drug lord and Ha’s businessman-turned-spy, so the show will certainly appeal to fans of crime dramas like drug traffickers Y Narcos: Mexico even if they are not directly connected to each other.

Narco-Saints is now available on Netflix in its entirety.

Hwang Jung-min, Ha Jung-woo, and Park Hae-soo in “Narco-Saints.”

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