‘Inventing Anna’ subject sues Netflix for ‘dishonest’ portrayal

Rachel Williams, who came to be known for her affiliation with con artist Anna Sorokin, also known as Anna Delvey, filed a defamation lawsuit against Netflix on Monday over the nature of her portrayal in the docu-drama. inventing anareports entertainment weekly.

In the series, Williams, played by actress Katie Lowes, is shown to willingly accept expensive gifts and trips from Sorokin, eventually betraying her to New York City authorities after Sorokin convinces her to make high-profile charges in his credit cards but does not reimburse you. . However, Williams has come forward to claim that her friendship with Sorokin was described in a “disloyal and dishonest” way.

In the lawsuit filed in Delaware federal court, it is stated that “Netflix made a deliberate decision for dramatic purposes to show Williams doing or saying things in the series that portray her as greedy, snobbish, disloyal, dishonest, cowardly, manipulative and opportunistic person. The lawsuit also alleges that nearly everything about William’s character on the show was faked to paint her negatively, especially since her character uses the first and last name of a real person, along with personal information such as employment and school history.

Williams also cites some of the program’s alleged inaccuracies in the lawsuit. She says that she paid for the drinks when she went out with Sorokin or shared the bill with her, while the show made it seem like Sorokin paid for everything. In response to a scene showing Williams leaving Sorokin in Morocco after her credit card was declined, Williams claims that she told Sorokin beforehand that she would be leaving for work early.

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“Williams did not stop being friends with Sorokin because Sorokin was in trouble in Morocco, but because she subsequently discovered upon his return to New York that Sorokin was a liar and a con man whose statements and promises had induced Williams to incur liabilities of around $62,000. on Sorokin’s behalf were bogus, and only reimbursed him $5,000 despite numerous promises to reimburse him $70,000 to cover the full debt and late fees incurred,” the suit says.

inventing ana, which consisted of nine episodes and premiered in February of this year, begins with a disclaimer that reads: “This story is completely true. Except for the parts that are totally made up.” In an interview with the hollywood reporterSeries creator and producer Shonda Rhimes said, “We weren’t counting a biopic, because that’s an important distinction to make. And there were so many elements of that show that were facts…I’m not even sure I can tell you.” someone because they came from some kind of secret notes somewhere. But there were also things that we invented because they needed to be invented for the story to really sing and be what it should be.”

Based on an article in the New York Magazine published in 2018, the drama miniseries shocked viewers around the world by chronicling the inevitable rise and fall of con man Sorokin, who posed as a wealthy German heiress to access cash, goods and services from the ranks. richest in art and industry in New York. social scenes from 2013 to 2017. Willians, a former Vanity Fair photo editor and producer, is one of those people Sorokin swindled out of thousands of dollars under the guise of a budding friendship.

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