In the Shadow of 9/11 Airing on Netflix? Release date, plot and more about the documentary

Netflix’s upcoming investigative documentary, The Anthrax Attacks: In the Shadow of 9/11, It will be released on the streaming platform on September 8, 2022. The documentary focuses on the devastating anthrax attacks of 2001, which occurred just one week after 9/11.

The document will delve into the events surrounding the attacks, the subsequent investigation, and more. That said, read on to find out the release time for The Anthrax Attacks: In the Shadow of 9/11the trailer and more details.

The Anthrax Attacks: In the Shadow of 9/11 release time on Netflix, trailer, what to expect and more details

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The Anthrax Attacks: In the Shadow of 9/11 It is expected to premiere on Netflix on Thursday, September 8, 2022 at 3:00 am ET. On August 22, 2022, Netflix released the official trailer for the documentary, which offers a glimpse into the investigation into the anthrax attacks that rocked the United States a week after 9/11.

The Anthrax Attacks: In the Shadow of 9/11 features interviews with various experts and officials involved in the investigation, along with re-enactments of some of the pivotal events. Overall, the trailer has a gripping tone that fans of true crime and investigative documentaries will love.

The 2001 anthrax letter attacks revealed an urgent need to understand ancient pathogens using today’s modern medical tools

Featuring multiple interviews with people closely associated with the case, viewers can expect an intense film that captures the many complex facets of the investigation while also shedding light on the kind of impact the attacks had on American society. It is expected to give insight into how the FBI approached the case. Along with the trailer, Netflix also shared a brief synopsis of the documentary, which reads:

”Days after 9/11, letters containing fatal anthrax spores spark panic and tragedy in the United States. This documentary from Oscar-nominated director Dan Krauss (Extremis) and BBC Studios Production follows the subsequent FBI investigation.

The Anthrax Attacks: In the Shadow of 9/11 is directed by Dan Krauss, best known for his work on the killer team, ExtremisY DO: Made in Americato name a few.

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More details on the 2001 anthrax attacks

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On September 18, 2001, a week after the devastating 9/11 attacks, a series of letters containing anthrax spores were delivered to various prominent personalities and offices, including the media and politicians. The attacks killed five people, including:

  • Bob Stevens
  • Jose Curseen
  • Thomas Morris Jr.
  • otilie lundgren
  • Kathy Nguyen

In addition to the five victims, 17 people were also reported to have been infected. The attacks occurred over several weeks. The initial suspect was a doctor named Steven Hatfill, who was eventually cleared. Four years later, a microbiologist named Bruce Edwards Ivins came under suspicion.

However, Ivins committed suicide on July 29, 2008. After his death, the FBI and prosecutors reportedly concluded that Ivins was the sole culprit in the case, citing DNA evidence from his lab. The case was officially closed in February 2010.

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However, various reports disputed the various details that led authorities to conclude that Ivins was the main culprit. The FBI described the attacks as “the worst biological attacks in the history of the United States.”

Over the years, the case has received extensive television coverage, most notably on unsolved mysteries final episode and second season of the National Geographic TV show, the hot zone.

You can see The Anthrax Attacks: In the Shadow of 9/11 on Thursday, September 8, 2022.

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