In other coffee business news… November 18-24, 2022

Ronan Keating sings the praises of Costa Coffee, Oatly takes the plate for Thanksgiving, coffee puts a spring in the Socceroos’ pace, espresso martinis are all the rage and Peet’s Coffee goes off track with the latest in stores…

Costa Coffee has announced Ronan Keating as its first ‘Director of Love’ | Photo credit: Costa Coffee

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Costa Coffee says it best with the new Director of Love

Costa Coffee has launched a new campaign featuring pop star Ronan Keating, who has become the UK coffee chain’s first ‘Director of Love’. Costa Coffee said the former Boyzone singer would use his “prowess as a national heartthrob to spread the love across the UK” as he embarks on a nationwide free coffee giveaway launch. As part of the collaboration, Keating will tour Costa Coffee stores across the UK to help consumers “reconnect with a Costa coffee”.

Oatly Offers Thanksgiving Support

Oatly has launched a special hotline to support plant-based consumers struggling with ‘heavily meat and dairy-based’ Thanksgiving celebrations. Oatly’s Emotional Support Hotline for Plant-Based Food Consumers offers consumers a variety of conversation tools, including positive affirmations, statistics, and even “a blank audio void to shout out to.” The oat milk maker also believes the marketing pitch could steer dinnertime conversations towards the dietary and climate-friendly benefits of plant-based foods. Research from World Coffee Portal found that half of US industry leaders surveyed in the Project Café USA 2023 report believe dairy-free products are the longest-lived health-based trend, in line with the promotion of alternatives to milk by the main coffee chains throughout the country.

Soccer Australia kicks off the World Cup with coffee

Football Australia staff have flown a barista to Doha to serve coffee to the country’s Socceroos during the World Cup in Qatar. Operated by Alexia Ralevski, the team cafe at Australia’s training base at the Aspire Academy is importing coffee beans from Australian specialty coffee roaster Toby’s Estate. Ralevski said that he prepares 80 coffees a day, adding that some of the players have helped work in the cafeteria between training sessions. The Australian Olympic team introduced a similar concept at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

Absolut shakes up the fashion world with an espresso martini bag

Premium alcohol brand Absolut has collaborated with New York-based designer Nikolas Bentel to produce a limited-edition tote bag in the shape of an espresso martini. Matt Foley, vice president of marketing for Absolut, which sells online for $199, said the product “demonstrates the power of mixing different people, perspectives, and cocktails.” The launch is part of a broader marketing campaign from Born to Mix, which Absolut says is focused on bringing diverse people together to create a “more open, free and fun world.”

Peet’s Coffee Gives Ski Resort Cafeteria a Try

Peet’s Coffee has launched a temporary cafe at the Beidahu Ski Resort in Jilin, China. The site is located inside a store for outdoor clothing company Arc’teryx, which will also collaborate with the California-based coffee chain on a variety of canned RTD coffee. Peet’s Coffee has also launched drinks exclusively for the Beidahu pop-up: a Coconut Soda with Snow Mocha and Wild Lemon.

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