“Immediate” Indexation of Public Contracts

Margarita Alfonsel, Secretary General of Fanin.

health technology Nor does it escape its harmful effects inflationThe cost escalation resulting from the global supply crisis and the escalation of the war in Ukraine have had a full impact on the region, requiring immediate action to mitigate the consequences. Spanish Federation of Healthcare Technology Companies (Fenin) indicated in the statements medical writing That it is “urgent and a priority” to establish quotation mechanisms in public contracts to counteract the effects of this crisis and thus guarantee the viability of supply.

“We are watching with extreme concern” cost escalation News of what is affecting our area and potential Energy cut That it can be produced in the coming months, ”said sources from the association.

In fact, he warns that, although each company has its peculiarities, “all companies are being greatly affected by the increase in costs”. “We know that there are companies that are currently edge line position Due to the unprecedented increase in the cost of energy, raw material, labor cost, etc., he lamented. A situation, as she said she could be “Access Issues” to Technology for Patients They need diagnosis and treatment of their diseases.

Given this context, Fennin has argued that the establishment Indexing mechanisms in public contracts It is a “clear, priority and immediate” measure to deal with this crisis. In this sense, he pointed out that this solution would “guarantee” economic-financial balance Thus, contracts to guarantee the viability of the supply of essential products, such as health products and services”.

However, he acknowledges that the health technology sector is “very heterogeneous” and, therefore, the cost structures are also very different: “the impact for a company that manufactures or distributes, for example, for one that manufactures or distributes points”. Stitches. Thus, he specified that it is convenient to analyze each case to understand the impact of inflation on a specific company and “adopt the necessary measures”. ensure their survival and viability In the current environment, in the case of an essential sector for public health like ours”, he underlined.

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They lower VAT to alleviate supply crisis

On the other hand, it should be noted that the union has also been claiming for some time that health technology is a type of reduced VATGiven that at this time medical equipment, instruments, devices and articles, as well as accessories and protective equipment are taxed at the highest tax rate (21 percent), despite the fact that the European Union has allowed changes to them Minus the applicable VAT on

This is one of the most relevant demands of fenin given the global supply crisis. Therefore, from the federation they hope to be able to meet Maria Jesus MonteiroMinister of Finance and Civil Services, as soon as possible and discuss this situation with him and know the schemes and Weather In this sense, the Govt.

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